Blessed Beltane

fairy in the woods

Beltane is the third festival we are celebrating in the Wheel Of The Year, so what exactly does this mean and represent? 

Beltane is a Pagan festival of fertility. It celebrates the coming together of masculine and feminine energies to create new life. The Goddess and the Green Man. The abundance in nature and the new life coming through it.

Symbolically we envision abundant flower baskets, the leafy green man and the vibrant ribbons of the May Pole twisting and twirling in celebration. It is a time that oozes Joy and happiness and encourages us to sink into our wild and free nature.

It is a time for us to feel into our deepest desires and let the magic of manifesting take place. Allow the energy of fertility to soak up your wild and wonderful wishes. To vision, to trust, and then to release them from the womb of your imaginings into the warmth of this new turn of the wheel.

We have compiled some suggestions of ways to celebrate Beltane:

Find A Fairy

Remember the book “We’re going on a bear hunt?”

Well, maybe this could be a fantastic time to get out into nature with your little ones and change it up a little. Can you go on a fairy hunt with them instead? Taking a wonderful walk in the woods to see what may surprise you there. This exercise  itself is a fantastic way to engage the imagination, to alert the senses to all that is around us, and , to experience the anticipation of a wonderful and magical discovery.

Of course , this is not just for children, and, much like Halloween (Samhain) this is a time of year where the veil is thin, miracles can happen.

Get UR Freak On!  –

Oh Yes! It is time to bring out your best boogie breaks and shake your stuff. Dance like no one is watching …. and given the state of how things are at the moment no one actually is. (Unless you are going tic tok mad) whatever works for you, but just pull out your favourite Spotify Playlist and do your thing. Your mind, body and soul will appreciate you for it and who knows what you may release. One things for sure you will end up with a silly grin on your face. Maybe even take a before and after selfie to prove it.

Seeing Is Believing 

What we manifest into our world has first been seen in our minds eye, the energy of something deeply felt and the process of manifestation takes place. Of course, this means we need to be super careful about our thought process at this time. Allow yourself to deeply dream your desires and get creative. Favourite pictures, words and colours can fill your vision boards to represent all you would love to come into your life in the coming months. This is, by far one of my favourite activities and again it is enhanced right now with this beautiful Beltane energy.

 Light My Fire 

Beltane – the word itself roughly translates to meaning “bright fire”, so after your day is done, your fairies have been spotted, you are all danced out , and your vision for the coming months has been joyfully created through heart and soul ignite all of the energy with the flame of your inner essence at the very core. Happy Beltane to you all.



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