How to Write a Business Article

Business, as the name suggests, is a commercial activity that aims at profit making. It encompasses various activities like manufacturing, selling, trading and providing services etc. Businesses are generally owned by one or more people who share responsibilities and profits. Some examples are a partnership, a sole proprietorship or a corporation. The size of a business is also another important factor that can be classified as small, medium or large.

Whether writing for a blog or for an article in a newspaper or magazine, a good business writer always keeps in mind the target audience of the piece. The type of audience and the nature of their interest will determine the tone, the style and the underlying message that is conveyed. For example, an email pitch or a corporate brochure will differ from a business essay or report on trends in the market.

A flier for a company’s new product might be written in a much more casual and engaging tone than an essay about the benefits of a particular technology. In addition, a business article should be written using sources that are credible and up-to-date. This will enhance the credibility of the article.

In many parts of the world, business is considered a vocation. This is because the work of a professional is often highly valued by society. However, not all people choose to follow this path. Some prefer to make money in a more socially responsible way, while others are simply not interested in running a business.

One of the problems with the current image of business is that it focuses on profit only. This can be countered by putting more emphasis on things like employee satisfaction, community involvement and sustainability. The challenge is to create a balance that will satisfy the needs of both business and the wider community.

Nevertheless, some people argue that these efforts are a waste of time and that the focus should remain on profit. Those who support this view argue that it is the role of governments to restrict the growth of business by passing laws and enforcing regulations. They also argue that companies should be taxed at a higher rate than individuals, as this will encourage them to invest more.

A further problem with the current image of business is that it denigrates workers by treating them as costs rather than assets. This can be countered by highlighting the ways in which employees contribute to the success of the company and pointing out that they should be rewarded accordingly. However, these measures won’t repair the damage that has already been done by the cult of selfishness that pervades many aspects of contemporary business culture.