The Mother Of All Gifts

It is indeed another day that could be seen as both a consumers nightmare or a shopkeepers dream.

Florists, for the second time this year are due a sellout day as we all head off to buy our Mums/ Step Mum’s, God Mum’s, Grand Mums and even those we hold in our hearts as friend Mums that special bouquet. We are of course talking about Mother’s Day, this year on the 31st March.

The Peonies she may love so much, the roses that echoes her name….what greater gift than one from Mother Nature we say.

Whilst flowers will rarely disappoint we have decided to dig a little deeper into some Splurge or Steal gifts that may help you show your greatest appreciation for that special lady who has nurtured, nourished and been your greatest cheerleader.

The best way to really say Thank You and show our appreciation is, of course, to share our time, build more memories and develop even deeper relationships. With this in mind some of our Mother’s Day Gift ideas are those that you can share and appreciate together. Let’s go.

Heading up our Mother Of All Gifts is this rather special “time out” from Create Retreats.

Designed by husband and wife team Gill Bennison Souri and her husband Andreas, Create Retreats is hosted within their second home in the stunning Elounda Bay – Crete. You are invited to relax, unwind, de-stress and experience the Cretan culture in all of its glory.

There is a combination of daily practice of pilates, therapies, cultural excursions and great culinary experiences so you can discover the amazing culture and everything that Crete has to offer. Some real bonding time can be captured here. Very often Gill is joined by her own daughter as they both share their passion of Pilates and teach this together, their connection and love is infectious making for a Pilates Retreat with a Difference in real MummaMia style!

You can find out more about by email – or telephone Gill on 07718 520869

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Next on our hit list is this unique and rare gem of a gift quite literally.

For the ladies who adore their crystals (& we all know someone who is Crystal crazy), we urge you to step it up a notch and introduce them to their very own Crystal Grid. Designed and blessed with the healing properties of each crystal  by Crystal expert Bunmi Aboaba from Crystal Installations.  This is a totally bespoke service from Bunmi who can design a grid for whatever you may need, from attracting more love, good health or just a general abundance grid. For an initial consultation, you can head to:


When actress Kate Hudson was asked in an interview by Marie Claire of June 2013

“What’s on your nightstand?” she replied with

“A crystal bowl filled with rose-quartz heart crystals that my mom gave me for Mother’s Day one year.” —

A gift idea with some real style and grace.

Our final Splurge present with substance takes us off on our travels again. This time on a very short trip across the water to an exquisite area of the Costa Blanca for a luxury walking and wellness retreat set in the beautiful Guadalest & Marina Alta mountains.

Casa Guadalest serves up something so hearty and pure you are sure to connect and discover another dimension of friendship/ love and nurture in Mother Nature herself.

For further information, you can find out more on the Casa Guadalest facebook page –

If you find yourself looking for something a little less Splurge and more Save though this year here are some gorgeous thoughtful gift ideas to light her up.

Mums especially can find it difficult to make time for themselves as they are often attending to the needs of others and their health and wellbeing can fall down leaving them a little burned out and with no energy or time management for everything else.

If this sounds like your Mum and you would like to give her a helping hand to put her health first this Stand Out Health Journal will not let her forget just how important she is. Brought to you by Ladies That Plan this Ultimate 12 Week Health Journal will give her the kickstart she may need and only £20.00 it is a steal.

Home spas, delicious aromas, and creams that make you feel like your skin has had the Cleopatra treatment are just some of the things we crave to make us feel lush, no doubt these simple things can make for the most special gifts and Raw Passion Organic & Vegan Skin Food have some of the most scrumptious products on the market. Their 100% organic, vegan and ethical skin food products come in vibrant packaging and with an affordable price tag to boot. We can almost guarantee they will be heading up a favourites tab on your laptop.

And last but by no means least this perfect pocket reference is for the new budding Yogi in your life.

The Little Book of Yoga by Eleanor Hall

There are plenty of reasons to try yoga – strengthen your body, soothe your soul, reduce stress and many more! This easy-to-digest guide has plenty of tips to help you get started and is packed with a variety of poses that target a range of abilities. Be inspired to enjoy all that’s best about an AWESOME YOGA LIFESTYLE.


Available from Waterstones –


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