If this is Tuesday, it must be yellow.

Today as I write, it is Yellow Tuesday.

And how do I know this?  Well, from my earliest memory, I could see days of the week in colour.  And each colour, gave each day it’s own particular energy.

Synesthesia, meaning sensory-fusion is a condition which fuses two senses, generally that of colour concept, to the days of the week, months of the year and to numbers and letters of the alphabet.  Imagine my surprise a few years ago, to discover that some wise-wordy academics had actually studied this and written whole books on the subject!

I took for granted that Monday is brown, earthy, grounded.    What else would the first day of the working/school week be?  Tuesday,  as I mentioned is sun-shiney yellow – perhaps because my Dad worked at weekends and Tuesday was his day off so we often had picnics, cinema trips, hikes up the hills on a day when all my friends were stuck at home. Wednesday, is a vibrant sky-blue, hopeful and curious.  Thursday is a silver-grey, steady, focused,  determined. And Friday is grassy green, lush and rewarding.  Saturday is reddish orange, active, confident and alive.   And Sunday is a crisp and clean,  white.

Sunday however is different to the other colours of the week because as the day progresses, it changes in hue.   Starting out a white morning, it develops flecks of silver-grey towards evening time.

It never dawned on me that others could not see these colours too.  I simply thought that everyone knew the colours of the week. And when I read that Synesthesia is fairly rare, I wondered could it not simply be that those with it, take it for granted that others see the colours of days, numbers, alphabet, months etc. too?  For them it’s an accepted norm so why would they  consider bringing it up in conversation. “I love your dress” a friend might say.  “Well thank you.” the synesthesiast responds.  “I thought it would match the blue of the day just perfectly”.  


So Tuesday?

Is there something in Yellow (and all its sunny hues) that is so uplifting and energising?  I get most work done on a Tuesday.  I make my best plans, feel more creative, am at my most sociable and in my very best mood…….all on a Tuesday.

We know that colours carry vibrational energies which can improve our creativity and wellbeing.   Today we are becoming more aware of the knowledge that the ancients of other  cultures took for granted. That we have chakras – energy vortices located down through the midline of our body – and each chakra, when open and unblocked contributes to our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic wellbeing.

The chakra is depicted in colour and each of the seven responds vibrationally to the energy of a specific colour.  Yellow, for instance, corresponds to the navel or solar plexus and is associated with our self-esteem and personal power.  Maybe that’s why, when my mind is in a state of yellow Tuesday, I feel so optimistic and in control.

It is suggested that a pregnant woman visualise breathing-in certain colours and to measure the changes in the baby’s movement.  Breathing in blue calms the baby,  and the mother.  Pink wraps it in womb-like love, red encourages movement and exercising and yellow is nurturing.  Sometimes the mother is drawn to eat foods  or drink in particular colours, depending on their urges or needs – my own addiction to Seville Oranges is legendary when I was expecting our youngest daughter.  And red counters anaemia for example.  Visualising wrapping mother and baby in gold, keeps them protected and it’s an idea for the mother to concentrate on this coming close to delivery and even during the birth.  Practicing breathing-in of colours in waves is a useful tool for the birth itself  as it’s a great distraction to add colour to the rhythm during contractions.  For those of a spiritual mind, this helps with preparing baby’s chakras along with keeping mum’s chakras energised at the time when she is most in her Goddess state.

We know too that wearing a particular colour will help us align with, or attract it’s energetic frequency.  We all feel stronger and more visible wearing red which relates to the root or base chakra.  That lady in red, will get  more glances.  The purple robes of the priest signifies heightened spirituality and relates to the crown chakra and connectedness to a higher source.


Personally, my preference, until recently, is to wear black or grey.  I wouldn’t choose to decorate my home in those colours – but perhaps I think these dark colours suit my blonde highlights so much better (so speaks my higher self!)  I think though that I like colour to surprise me in my outer world rather than to show up in colour myself.  Or perhaps it’s simply that because my life is filled with days of colour, what I wear may clash!


Kahlil Gibran writes:
 “Let me, oh let me bathe my soul in colours.  Let me swallow the sunset and drink in the rainbow.”             


I suspect this enlightened man was a synesthesiast too.

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