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Each week we jump in to discover something a little deeper with one of our many fab Holistic Directory members and this week under our Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon I caught up with Reiki Healer Claudia Chapman to find out more about her work in both Reiki and the Goddess Circles Claudia is famed for hosting.

First of all lovely to have you onboard with us Claudia, so much to discover with all the things you are up to, let’s start with Reiki as this is most certainly something for which you are best known. When did you discover Reiki? 

I first discovered reiki when I was 27 yrs old just after my first marriage fell apart and my son was born 1997. 

 During my first attunement ( Reiki 1 ) when the symbols were written above my head … I saw the spectrum of chakra colours fly out of my head into white light. It also created then cleared a massive golf ball lump in my throat … I knew I had to speak my truth and on the way home I visited my friend to clear my truth.

We have known each other about a year now and when we first connected I picked up on a very magical element in your work and ways that you tease the magic out of people through your blend of transformational tools. 
Can we look at those here? Talk us through the ways you blend your work. I love that there are a so many ways in which people can step onto a path of working with you.

 Thank you …Well my work has one overriding aim and that’s to empower women in becoming the best version of themselves . So there are various ways to do this but using them all would be the most powerful transformation. 

So when I combine Reiki with life coaching we are able to get to the root of the problem and heal the symptoms too. This saves you time and money trying to deal solely with the symptoms

Goddess Chakra Dancing was created from the fact that I noticed that women have certain ailments in certain chakras … for instance constant tonsillitis but they don’t feel comfortable speaking their truth …. so I combined the Goddess archetypes with the chakras to unblock each energy centre by giving power to the Goddess archetypes within each of us.
My Transformational coaching program is a 6 month program combining all the elements needed for women to step into their power fully and become aligned with their wellness and their purpose. 
I also run retreats and Goddess Circles to embody this practice of self love and discovery.
I lead Goddess Circles for women who want to be seen and heard in a safe container and I also help the process by using Goddess Chakra cards to guide an assist this journey of self discovery.

 We are experiencing some pretty incredible times to be living through, do you feel that more men and women are open to understanding the divine masculine and feminine within each of us and any top tips into entering this enquiry deeper? 

Right now the planetary aspects are aligned for the divine famine and the sacred masculine to be working in harmony with each other. There is no longer room for the toxic masculinity and patriarchy. There are many exercises and modalities for this enquiry but I think that the Goddess Chakra Dancing I have created has the best deep dive into inviting both the masculine and feminine energies together .. for instance technology and overthinking combined with the warrior and the maiden diverse archetypes invite both masculine and feminine to join forces within each of us. 

You have some pretty cool events and workshops that take place can you share how these work and perhaps who your retreats are for? 

Yes … Goddess Chakra Dance workshops are for all women who want to embrace and embody the Main archetypes including the jungian archetypes but mine are slighter different and varied and include … 
Root : The MotherSacral: The lover – Solar : The warrior Heart : The maidenThroat : Medicine womanThird eye : Wise womanCrown: Queen/ High Priestess.
My retreats are for any women looking for Transformation in their lives … 
They are a mix of Goddess Circles to be seen and heard Goddess Chakra Dancing to enquire within Yoga Wholesome food and Other holistic practices ( guest practitioners)

Quick Fire Round With Goddess Claudia

Morning routine –
Meditation and  Yoga Goddess chakra dance Breakfast Work

What is lighting your fire 2021

To bring more women together Purpose –  To lead the way


Solstice day retreat  June 19th& Find your inner Goddess retreats in Spain and Uk next year

 Listening to right now

Podcasts … A new Earth Tolle & Oprah … Dare to lead … Brene
Music : So many … Mainly eclectic dance and world music …. Marya Stark: ethereal Deya Dova : ethereal Morcheeba

Shakti Awakening … Brene Browns stepping into leadership 
Deepak Chopra – Divine Feminine Challenge with Alicia keys


Supersoul Sunday all episodes

Connecting with Claudia to find out more about joining any of her circles, groups workshops or programs is easy and you can find out more here – https://www.theholisticdirectory.co.uk/united-kingdom/london/soul/reiki-life-coach

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