New Moon In Aries 12th April 2021

I have started to write this as it has began to snow just south of London.   A synchronous  event as the snow wipes clean and we are about to start a new phase.  Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, the archetypal Fire Sign of the Astrological New Year.  Where is the Fire in the Belly ?

With the new moon here we have Fire energy igniting purpose and on a seasonal level new growth.  A good start !

Once again with any new moon the call is to let go of whatever does not serve from the previous cycle.  With the moon coming up to a Square to Pluto in Capricorn ( a square in astrological terms is one of tension where something needs to be worked out – it has a potential of conflict ), it would be beneficial to be mindful of our core needs of the feminine archetype, whether we are male or female and how that has been awoken and also challenged in the last year as Pluto has reached the last degrees of Capricorn. 

What are the Feminine Archetypes and Goddess energies waking up in you?  

How can you engage with these energies in heart felt ways to sound your true note of the Heart.  

Venus can help us here as she is also in the mix with the square to Pluto.  

We may hear a lot more about the Feminine and how to balance many centuries of imbalance.  

The impulse has to come from within, and, in true Aries style, after many months of lockdown, feeling that inner fire may be difficult to manage.  

An exercise to help you connect:  

Connect to the the Earth by imagining roots coming from your feet and reaching deep into the ground.  As you do this take your time to feel the roots  connecting the molten core of the earth.  Then draw up the nurturing Earth energy through your roots and feet, rich and dark and nutritious but also capable of clearing away any dross in your energetic system.

As you imagine the rich earth energy pull it up through your body arms and head and as it clears, make a space for anything that is no longer needed to land in front of you to be recycled into Mother Earth.  Connect to the Goddess energy that speaks to you.  There are many resources available to us right now.  I will put a list on my website later today.

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