A Time To Turn

a time to turn - the HJ

I am the witness.

It took me some time to work it out but what I came to learn most powerfully during  my own Menopause transition was this: –

The more I struggled to remain as I was, the greater the resistance I experienced in the form of emotional and physical upheaval.​

 What I learned most  was that menopause is the re-birth canal we must pass through to return to the wholeness with which we were born.   And … that it’s timing is perfect.

A time to speak up, be of your own mind and express your personal truth.

A time to seek out your own tribe.

A time of enhanced creative fertility and creative expression.

A time to learn the soul-craft of self-nurture and to discover the art of the seduction of your senses – to sleep, to pamper, to praise, to adorn, to beautify, to love.

A time to listen to your own wisdom and let go of the inherited stories of the past.

A time to expect the honest and equal guidance, opinion and understanding of your doctors and other professionals you engage in support of your good health and wellness.

A time to explore the properties of wholesome foods and how they support your changing vitamin, mineral and nutritional requirements.

A time to share what you know for sure.

A time to deliver your gifts, talents and skills to the world without concern for how they are received.

A time to forgive your past mistakes and release yourself from guilt and shame.  They serve nothing.

A time to let go of the wounds of childhood and cut loose from the stories that tie you to a sense of limited power.

A time to let go of the struggle to be right, to be perfect and to be free of the need to have the good opinions of others.

A time to connect with the divine within, the wonder of the universe and the miracle of your perfect being.

A time to experience the vitality of your ageless mind, your timeless spirit and to step into your status of Wise and Ageless Goddess.

At first when I reached menopause, I imagined I was at the top of a hill looking out across a vast expanse of decay and aging, loss and longing.  Then  my heart whispered ‘turn’.   And from that point I turned and turned and turned again .  Each time a new perspective grew from my soul and the wise voice within said  ‘See now you are free.  Now you become the being of your destiny.’

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