Water For Life

Water for Life

In the fiery energy of high summer with a heat-wave, everyone is drinking more water so it’s a great theme for the journal to focus on in August.

TOP TIP: It’s a good idea to add salt – put a few grains of real salt, not processed table salt, neat into your mouth and drink that down with a tumbler of water. Or dissolve a small amount into a glass if you prefer, just so it tastes like seawater. We lose so much salt in a heat-wave and you will feel the strengthening effects if you do this once or twice a day.

Mint tea is the drink of choice in countries used to the searing heat we have been experiencing here this past week. So that’s another great tip – drink loads of refreshing warm mint tea made best with fresh mint or a peppermint teabag is great too! Drink from a glass rather than a teacup to get the whole effect!

As the heat-wave abates, how much water do you actually need?

People often advise drinking two litres a day or 8 tumblers of water but the truth is that the amount varies. The best guide for how much water you need is to drink at least half your body weight (measured in lbs) in ounces per day.

It may seem like a simple thing to suggest, but drinking more water everyday will have a dramatic effect on your health and energy. Our bodies are literally made of water (around 75%) with children and babies having an even higher percentage.

If you have not been in the habit of drinking enough water, introduce the water gradually as this allows your body to adjust.

The quality of the water you drink also matters:

It can take as little as 15 days for the whole of our water body to change. Imagine the transformation if you changed the quality of the water you drink.
We use and lose water all the time and we need to be replacing water regularly for our bodies to work well.

Some common signs of dehydration may include the following


Dark Urine


Cracked Lips

Dry Mouth

Drop in energy

Wilting like a plant that needs water.


Eat fresh water:

Fresh fruits and vegetables with their high water content are also great ways to absorb water and count towards your eight tumblers a day.  You can eat water as well as drink it!

The water content in fresh raw fruit and vegetables is naturally structured water that is more bio-available. Making your own fresh smoothies at home will also provide you with some of your daily quality water intake.

Buying off the shelf does not really count as the energy of structured water is not locked in and doesn’t survive mass production, transportation or shelf life. It needs to be fresh fruit and veg.

If you are interested in an affordable water filtration system, there are lots of good options.

Here is the link to the one I use and also supply to people.

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