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Whether we are “hanging in the balance”, “being thrown off balance”, “balancing the books” or keeping on top of a “balancing act”. To have an element of balance in our lives is something we all desire in order to feel peaceful and calm which are our optimum states of good health. It is my great pleasure in introducing this weeks Therapist Of The Week, Adrienne Green from The Balance Procedure so we can learn a little more on what this wonderful tool can do for you. 

Thank You for joining us Adrienne. Can you give us an overview of what The Balance Procedure is and how this can work for us? 

Well, where do I start? The Balance Procedure is a simple, quick and easy tool that anyone can use for themselves to bring them back to the present moment, the “now’, and regain a state of being calm and relaxed. From this point we can  begin to create our lives with enhanced awareness, using our thoughts and feelings as what I like to call Satnav prompts. There is no need to go back into the past and revisit periods in time that we may have found difficult to deal with. This teaches us to create moment by moment and live in the present. So often our mind is actually not in the present moment but has wondered back to a past experience or worrying about the future, all this does is rob us of the NOW.

We use 9 symbol cards/ app/kindle, each incorporating aspects of colour, sacred geometry, polarity, chakra, number, positive affirmations, zodiac, gemstones, planet aspects, elements, & physical body aspects.

Who would benefit from this? 

Absolutely anyone, including animals.

Do you have a recognised Governing Body and how would someone find you or also train to become a practitioner? 

Yes we do, more than one in fact FHT, AOR, CTHA and now we have international accreditation with ICT. People can find me through facebook and of course here at the holistic directory. I also have a You Tube channel where I demonstrate the procedure.

What is your biggest buzz from working in the holistic industry/business? 

Seeing the change coming over peoples faces as they feel the change that is happening within them. In the beginning I used to love this following a hands on session of maybe reiki, reflexology or crystal healing. Now I seem to get a bigger buzz because I have just taught the person to self -heal, it is so much more empowering don’t you think?

Was there a significant event that inspired your work? 

Thats a good question. After 28 years in finance I had become so dissatisfied with the same old hamster wheel and felt there must be much more to life. This started my search and has brought me to where I work now.

What changes would you like to see, if any, concerning holistic health? 

That it becomes more widely accepted, it’s not just mumbo jumbo, it’s about getting a deeper connection with ourselves. Once we truly know ourselves again we can be in better alignment with our true self, life runs more smoothly. I’m sure the medical profession must be aware of the physical body feedback we get when we are not in alignment, so, let’s look at treating the “whole” together.

Which therapies do you resonate with the most? Is there a field you have not yet trained in but that particularly interests you? 

I have learned many over the past fifteen years, some just for my own curiosity, some that I used with clients. The Balance Procedure is the one for me. It’s just so quick, so simple, it can be done anywhere and you don’t need a therapist. The Balance Procedure is constantly changing and evolving, this journey has just begun.

Finally, Can you let us know the best advise you would give to someone wishing to try it or train in The Balance Procedure? 

Do it! Do not wait for the perfect time, or just one more qualification. DO IT NOW. Take that first step into your new world, the rest will follow. Join a governing body and find a local therapist support group. Just have fun.


If you would like to connect personally with Adrienne you can head to our directory pages for her full bio and info.

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