The Sweet Smell Of Love by Jasmine Fletcher

Our lives are filled to overflowing with things we ‘need’ to do, choices, decisions, information, expectations, demands…it’s all too easy to neglect ourselves when daily life becomes so cluttered. In fact our ‘self’ and our innate needs tend to be the first things we overlook.

With stress being the overriding factor in so many chronic diseases, it’s increasing important we care for ourselves and incorporate nurturing practices into our lives. The more we can step into self-love, the more we can be present for those that we love.

Essential oils are a wonderful tool to help bring more awareness to your state of mind. They can help encourage emotions you want to feel more of as well as supporting and dispelling those you want to feel less.

If we make time for moments of self-awareness and observe the emotions and feelings that arise, we can reach for essential oils for support. It’s empowering to build this inner wisdom and actively support or release the emotion, using nature’s tools.

Just as thoughts and emotions create chemical messengers in the body, affecting us on a physiological level, essential oils work in a similar way. Habitual use of oils can help to interrupt negative patterns and thought processes.

Smell is our most powerful sense and aromatic use of essential oils is the fastest way to affect a change in our mood or emotions. Essential oils contain volatile aromatic compounds that travel from our olfactory receptors in the nose, to our Limbic system (the innermost part of our brain). This area is known as our ‘emotional seat’; it’s where our thoughts, memories, motivations and feelings of pleasure are stored and controlled.

When you are using therapeutic grade oils, (such as dōTERRA), not only do they support the body on a physical level, they can also assist in healing the heart, releasing limiting beliefs, increase spiritual awareness and connection and inspire the fulfillment of our life’s purpose.

Below are some of my favourite single oils for self-love and acceptance. dōTERRA also have a beautiful emotional aromatherapy kit with 6 bespoke blends; Forgive, Console, Peace, Cheer, Passion and Motivate.

*Geranium – the oil of Love and Trust. It aids in healing the broken heart and encourages emotional honesty by facilitating the emergence of grief or pain that has been suppressed.

*Rose – the oil of Divine Love. Rose oil holds the highest frequency of any oil on the planet. It is a powerful healer of the heart.

*Bergamot – the oil of Self-Acceptance. It relieves feelings of despair, self-judgement, and low self-esteem. It supports the individual in need of self-acceptance and self-love.

*Grapefruit – the oil of Honoring the Body. It supports individuals who struggle to honor their body and are caught in patterns of mistreatment.

*Wild Orange – the oil of Abundance. It inspires abundance, fosters creativity, supports a positive mood, restores physical energy and aids in transitions.

* From the book ‘Emotions and Essential Oils’ – A modern resource for healing


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