The Powerful Art of Crystal Grids

Have you ever thought, “OMG !! I am so near to fulfilling my dreams but it just seems out of reach, I can almost feel it”

Well you are not alone. Many of us have the idea, the wish, the dream, we then set ourselves the steps in which to make that dream a reality, methodically doing what we need to do, full of excitement and enthusiasm.

It could be that dream job, a target weight, a beautiful soulmate connection, a certain amount of money for college, re-connection with an old friend you fell out with, helping with fertility and the list goes on, peaceful home, peace on planet earth.

The X factor to make it happen, that little bit of WOW, or va va voom to give fulfilling goals, outcomes, objectives rocket fuel is the ancient but powerful art of the Crystal grid.

I have worked with grids for many years, setting up for myself and clients. this magical and sacred ritual is one I love to do as part of the quest to reach any of my goals. It helps with synchronicity, taking the path of least resistance, patience, intuition and doing all you can with love. Crystal grids help you to trust in the process and trust in the Universe.

You have done your bit, now its time to let the Universe do its bit. I think of it like this. You hand a toy that needs fixing to your Dad. You give him all the bits and your Dad goes away to fix it. In that time, you play with your other toys, have fun with your friends in the park and when the time is right, your dad calls you and waves the newly fixed toy in the air. You left your Dad to do what he does best. This is a bit like the Universe, you hand it all over. The universe may hand it all back to you fixed or it may require you to take certain steps to help the process along.

What is a grid? A grid is a pattern of geometrically aligned stones based on sacred geometry, charged by your intention and set in a particular place, could be your home or office to help actualize a particular intention or outcome.
Think of a crystal as a footballer, talented, enthusiastic and raring to but can’t score that goal without a team. So let’s bring on a team of like-minded footballers who can work together, sing from the same hymn sheet, help that player to score that goal. Once in alignment, the game is on. They have a pattern of play to achieve their goal.
Crystals are the same when aligned correctly, they play well together and connect with the Universe bringing magic to your goals.
The focus stone, the central stone, the key player is the one that connects with the universe. It sends off your desires into the morphogenic field where all things are connected. The Way stones pass and transmute the energy of the received knowledge from the focus stone to the Desire stones that manifest and grounds the Universal outcome into reality.WhooHoooo!! Love it when a plan comes together.
Not only are grids powerful but they are beautiful to look at. When set in a place you can see it every day they just make you smile. You feel reassured, uplifted and at peace with the process. That’s the trust bit and you can get on with your day and forget about it.
I often photograph my grid of the day and use it as a screen saver on my phone. It’s a cool way to re-connect when you are away from home.
Grid patterns that I love to work with are the flower of life, the Metatronic cube, the Si Yantra.

You could also set up a grid on behalf of friend (with their permission)
Only set up grids that are for the highest good of yourself and others.
I like to set my grids up around the New Moon, days before get myself prepared with, journaling, meditation around my goals, salt baths, preparing my alter with flowers and crystal angels, clearing the space with incense. This all serves to power up your intentions.
Have fun with your grid set up, enjoy using your intuition choosing the crystals.
Be that kid again who hands over their toy to Dad.

Bunmi is a regular contrbutor at The Holistic Journal and runs VIP days for crystal grid ceremonies.
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