The Power of Love – Our Crystal Top 6 Crystals for Attraction & Love

Try the alternative Valentines Day: How to attract your soulmate with these top six crystals

For many of us, there is so much excitement surrounding Valentines Day, as the day offers a chance to reflect upon a shared love. However what about all the singletons out there? Ok not all of us will be wanting to look for Mr. Right, however, if you are looking for love, why not create a focus on the energy surrounding the day itself.

For me, Valentines Day offers a point of reflection to let go of everything that no longer serves me, and I create a positive focus on the wonderful things in my life and hold on to the strong, healthy me, which lifts my spirits. In other words, I love letting go of old stagnant energies that keep me stuck, preventing me from flowing forward in life.

If you are looking to attract love this Valentines Day, let’s get cracking- its ON!! Get rid of old stinky limiting beliefs that keep your vibrational love energies on hold, and start looking forward to the new you.

Valentines Day itself is a brilliant opportunity, as it possesses a strong high vibrational loving energy. What better time to create some space to call in your perfect love?

Smokey Quartz

Being a crystal hottie, my fave crystal to help me shift those energies is Smokey Quartz. This stone is one of many crystals from the dark realm ( dark crystals are a force to be reckoned with ) it powerfully transmutes negative or unwanted energies from your own negative thinking or that of others, releasing it into the earth and neutralising it.

Before I go on, Crystals are energy that vibrates at a specific frequency and these crystals can help us in our personal life.

You can channel that energy through yourself to attract the love you seek.

Most crystals vibrate at the universal frequency of love, so when it comes to attracting Mr right these are your perfect co-workers.

There are many ways you can work with your crystal to enhance the energies that exist around us.

Wear it as a pendant, pop in in your pocket, place it under your pillow and so forth. Meditate with them, place them on a shrine but whatever you do set the intention with your crystal that your wish is to clear your energies to make space for love.

Now let’s bring out the big guns of love crystals, to help you optimise the Valentines Day romantic vibe, and create a focus on bagging Mr. Right.

Rose Quartz

This beautiful gentle stone helps you to open your heart to deserving love. Loving yourself is the top priority when attracting love and then love of others. The latter cannot really happen if the former is not there. Loving every bit of yourself is key.

Green aventurine; Known as the stone of luck and love. This beautiful and soothing crystal will increase your confidence and your opportunity in attracting new love. Being the stone of abundance this can also attract abundance in finances and health.


This sunny stone carries the energies of the sun. Called the stone of success, it will help you to feel empowered, gorgeous and confident. The energy of Citrine is magnetic and attractive, bringing light and laughter along the way. Don’t be surprised if you get more than a few admiring glances as you walk down the street.


Ooolala ! let’s ramp up that feminine sensuality. Fiery red, symbolic of passion, inspiration, and love. An energy that is irresistible and magnificent, romance at every turn.


 Are you ready to go back on the dating market?. Increase your chances of meeting someone who resonates with you with green Jade. This bouncer of stone helps you to open your heart and feel safe as you put your heart back out there.

Let’s rock it, ladies. You have the goddess power within you to attract the love of your life, your soulmate.  Get clear on who you wish to bring into your life, set the intention that he will arrive when the time is right. Be expectant, be joyful, enjoy your life. It’s beautiful.

Now it’s time to take positive and inspired action to bring your soulmate into your life!

Are you struggling to attract genuine love into your life?

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