The Magic In Dreams

Our resident blogger and Soul Soother Trina Keane shares her early experiences of the element of water and how the magic of her dream state exposed her fear and showed her just what to do

“When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to go to sleep to begin the adventures my night time world would bring.”

In this dream world, I finally learned to swim.  Dozens of lessons with my pals at the pool left me still clinging to the bar as others progressed from splashing about to swimming like fish.  No matter how I tried I couldn’t get it out of my head that if I let go of the bar, I would drop like a stone to the bottom of the pool.

Then one night I had a dream of entering the pool.  I was alone and all was quiet and calm.  No splashing, no noise.  I slipped easily into the warm water and felt myself become one with it, trusting as I lay into it that I would float.  And as I floated my body knew instinctively that certain movements would propel me smoothly across the water.  In this state, I knew I could swim!

The following morning as I woke, my body remembered the sensation of swimming easily, trustingly,  and I begged my dad to bring me to the pool that evening before I would ‘forget’ how to swim.

After school that day I stepped into the now familiar pool where so often I had clung fearfully to the edge.  This time without hesitation my body remembered the dream-state swim of the night before.  Instinctively leaning in and merging with the water, confident I would float, I stretched out and found the rhythmic stroke of the front crawl which brought me gracefully to the other side of the pool as though I’d done this a thousand times before.

Afterwards I was never sure if I was more pleased that I’d finally mastered my fear of the water and learned to swim, or of the fact that it was in my sleep, in a dream,  that I learned to trust that I would float on water. This was the discovery that filled me with awe and taught me to pay attention to the magic that waits for us in dreams.

Over the years dreams have been the portal through which gifts, insights, inspiration, visitations and even no-nonsense instruction has come to me.  So many things have materialised after I had envisioned them in a dream including the antique writing bureau I write at today.  And when my husband and I were quite certain that our family was complete, it was in a dream that I held the baby yet to be conceived as she made clear her intention to be included in our family.

The late (yet endlessly inspiring)  Dr. Wayne Dyer talked of dreams as a place to ‘marinade’ in the subconscious and was fully aware of the creative potential of dreams.  He often talked about the divine connection we make in our sleep and quoted:

“When deep sleep falls upon men while slumbering in their beds, then he opens the ears of men and seals their instruction”  – Job 33:15

One of the comments I treasure most from those who write to me having participated in my Wise & Ageless Goddess workshop ‘Living Magically in Midlife  Beyond’ came from a lady who said that she ‘never in her wildest dreams’ imagined the wonder-filled and adventurous life she was about to begin just when she thought her best years were behind her.  But it was the less wild dreams which led her to the workshop that began her journey.

Each night is a new opportunity to chart a fresh course and begin the life that never in our wildest dreams did we think possible.  It’s not an accident that just when we lay down to rest, our inner spirit is fired up, awakening us up to the knowledge that at no matter what point in life we have arrived there are always more lessons to learn and always more magic to discover.

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