Nourish Appreciative, Connective & Intimate Relationships

February invites in the culture of love; the topic of being a little more connective and melting into the essence of tenderness. Finding consciousness is the foundation to being that little bit more aware of being connective. How often do we project our wants upon others?

Learning to be more connective

To be heart centred is to be in alignment with the touching of the self, at this point you receive the match of coming together in relationships. Feeling into others, to see and to listen with deep alignment. Where the other person is you.

Gratitude & acknowledgment

Appreciate and acknowledge love in action, look for it and learn to soften to another’s heart and gesture. Invite in this gratitude and acknowledgment into your relationship space.

Giving up the right to be right

In the western world we are constantly evaluated and trained there is value in being right, but to what purpose?

It is important to listen and observe, to retire the right to be right. To provide spaces of ‘listening scapes’ where learning to hold your own energy and that of the other person to experience and gain an understanding, respect and capacity for empathy. With respect and support can come empowerment.


When the need to be right escalates, humour and fluidity dissipates. To take away from the big and serious is a necessity to find laughter inside of drama. It has its space.


Brutal honesty must still carry respectful expression. Thinking about its reception, learning to not talk at each other but to listen to one another.


In Kundalini Yoga, communication is everything. We create our world through communication. We manifest our spirit through communication. We can destroy ourselves or someone we love with incorrect communication. The science of communication is thoroughly studied, and of the utmost importance.

Yogi Bhajan teaches that “With any communication, one center (ie – chakra) is involved. You have to decide what the purpose is. If the purpose is to mess up somebody, go with the first (chakra.) If you want to seduce somebody, go with the second (chakra.) If you want to balance out somebody, go with the third. If you want to uplift somebody, go with the fourth. If you want to be blunt, go by the fifth. If you want to command somebody and take the responsibility and see it is done and delivered, then go by the sixth. If you want to just get rid of somebody, go by the seventh. You know what the seventh is? “I see the light in you better than me. God bless you, you are wonderful.”

The highest and most effective energy on this planet is the word. It is the blend of mind, body and soul that decides your talk. Think before you speak, know what you are communicating for.

“Your existence is your communication, and your projection is your relationship. Purposeful communication is harmonious and cohesive.” Yogi Bhajan.

Sat Nam

Acting as a guardian to womanhood, my classes and practice of Kundalini (Teachings of Yogi Bhajan) blossom much like a beautiful garden. Practices dedicated to opening the self and awareness. Sharing techniques from my teachings to free your body from mind body tension – to uncover the infinite possibility of movement without limitation to embody the feminine.

As a yoga teacher and student Aromatherapist I do not diagnose, I encourage the natural healing process of relaxation massage, essence, yogic Kriyas, meditations and yogic journalling. Healing in this sense is an ongoing natural maintenance of the body minds ability to heal itself. Kundalini yoga is a source to elevate awareness and maintain the flow of energy in the mind and body, which will enliven any healing approach and aid individuals to care for themselves with a positive lifestyle. Essential Oil and Aromatherapy massage seeks to sooth and heal where touch is an essential pathway to complement a therapeutic healing programme.

I support individuals with a sincere and nurturing mind body and soul journey. Whether it be by yogic or aromatherapy complimentary delivery.


Pritam Mandevi Kaur ♥

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