February Reflection – Bringing Heartiness Into Your Life – by Pritam Mandevi Kaur

At this time I take my foot hold introduction into the medicinal complimentary worlds of methods of Kundalini yoga and aromatherapy as a therapist having practiced, taught and studied human anatomy and physiology as a profession for so many years. Those therapies which have gifted comparatively soothing and healing affects upon physical and psychological triggers within my own space. It is my beautiful pharmacy, my home, the seeds of my garden and my narrative.

The western book of life acknowledges a pressure container and upwards movement to encourage routine exercise and the culture of advocating and assimilating that we are never quite enough. From this principle disease and illness of the mind arise due to a feeling of deficiency and imbalance in our modern day pathway. What this represents is pressure, not health.

The earliest written records and scripts talk of heart, depicting individuals owning the ease and essence of flourishing appreciation and joy for the other whilst acting with humility for the self. 

Radiance and transformation, is within your softness, your acceptance and to hear its rumble. In Kundalini yoga therapy it is referred to as Suniai, taken from the 8th Pauri of the Japji. Where Suniai means listening, truly listening, going deep within your heart to listen to the vibration of the Universe and of the self.

The wise are thought of as the all doing, speaking, teaching and sharers of wisdom. But to become a sage of wisdom one does not talk, one has to listen. This listening starts with us; our deep instinct, our soul, our calm, our space and our brittle, broken and anthems in our heart. All beautiful spaces for appreciation.

A new moon is a harmoniser so with it I deliver a teaching and blessing from Yogi Bhajan.

The you within You

‘Within thy blessing, in my prayer I ask thee. Give me the strength and the courage to be. Save me from ‘to be and not to be’ and grant me the wish ever to be in thy light, in thy name, in thyself. My spirit is pure, my mind is working and my body is sustaining. Give me the guiding strength so I can walk through this destiny from my birth to my death and beyond with purity, piety, with care, kindness and compassion, with loyalty to myself that I can excel and serve humanity as best my charity.

Sat Nam

Acting as a guardian to womanhood, my classes and practice of Kundalini (Teachings of Yogi Bhajan) blossom much like a beautiful garden. Practices dedicated to opening the self and awareness. Sharing techniques from my teachings to free your body from mind body tension – to uncover the infinite possibility of movement without limitation to embody the feminine.

As a yoga teacher and student Aromatherapist I do not diagnose, I encourage the natural healing process of relaxation massage, essence, yogic Kriyas, meditations and yogic journalling. Healing in this sense is an ongoing natural maintenance of the body minds ability to heal itself. Kundalini yoga is a source to elevate awareness and maintain the flow of energy in the mind and body, which will enliven any healing approach and aid individuals to care for themselves with a positive lifestyle. Essential Oil and Aromatherapy massage seeks to sooth and heal where touch is an essential pathway to complement a therapeutic healing programme.

I support individuals with a sincere and nurturing mind body and soul journey. Whether it be by yogic or aromatherapy complimentary delivery.


Pritam Mandevi Kaur ♥

You can find Georgina’s womens’ nurture circle at blissiplineguru.com

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