Distance Healing

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Distance Healing

Distance healing provides the opportunity for you to receive energy healing without the need to leave your home. The most asked question though is how does it work? Where does the energy come from and how can it travel?

Let’s start with the healing energy of Reiki. Reiki is the only taught natural system which derives from an ancient Japanese healing system. Reiki translated as universal life force energy got a new lease of life in the early 1920’s and 1930’s. It started to be recognised for its healing benefits and wasn’t until the 1970’s and gradually over the last two decades, that Reiki has become much more widely known.

Energy is everything; it moves and changes. The science behind energy is that it works on frequencies. There are lower vibrational energies which tend to offer more solid or dense structures and forms like wood for example creating a table. Then there are higher vibrational energies which we are less likely to feel, see or hear.

As a physical form, the human is made of energy at a cellular level. Just like an in person experience of Reiki the Level 2 Practitioner or Level 3 Master Practitioner/ Teacher is a channel for the universal life force energy to flow through and into the receiver’s mind, body and spirit.

The practitioner is able to be a channel for Reiki energy because through a series of attunements and regular self healing practice they raise their own energy vibration.

How does distance energy travel?

Distance healing is sent the same way as in person, in that the practitioner is still the channel. However the science changes slightly and the best way to explain this is going back to the radio.

When you turn on a radio think of this as one channel and frequency of energy. Then to select your station you tune into the specific station.

This is exactly the same for distance healing. At Reiki Level 2, Practitioners are attuned and practice the distance healing symbol. This provides a frequency of energy where healing can be sent through time and space with no boundaries. Healing can be sent to the past or the future and in person sessions. For example to help heal past events or heal anxiety about future events like interviews. Distance healing can also be sent to a different geographic place at a specific time.

How distance healing work

As with all healing a request or permission from the receiver is always required. This is because the ego doesn’t choose who should have healing, the receiver must have the free will to choose.

Once a date and time is agreed between yourself and a practitioner it’s just like an appointment. You find somewhere you can sit or lay down without being disturbed and place a blanket over you if you wish. It’s also worth setting an alarm to ‘wake’ you after a distance healing, (approximately 20 – 40 minutes check with your practitioner how long the session is for.)

It’s useful to take a few long deep breaths and start to relax, close your eyes and just allow yourself to receive the distance healing. During the session you might experience Reiki sensations similar to an in person treatment, like tingling, seeing colours, heat or cold, electrical type short twinges, energy waves through your body and you might also drift off to sleep.

When your alarm chimes and the session has ended ‘wake up’ your body by wriggling your hands and feet, take a deep breath, open your eyes and have a glass of water.

If you have any sensations or thoughts that come up in the session, write them down and keep a record of them (even when they don’t make sense.)

Is distance healing for you?

Receiving distance healing has the same benefits as in person treatments. It’s a bit like swapping your shopping in store to shopping online.

The benefits of deeper relaxation and healing of the mind, body and spirit grow each time you experience Reiki.

If you were waiting to see your Reiki therapist in person, after reading this maybe now you’ll be ready to make the switch to experience distance healing too.


This article was written by Emma Lannigan, Author, Coach and Reiki Teacher, based in Lincolnshire. You can find out more about Emma and other Reiki Therapist in the Holistic Directory.

Note: Please be sure to work with a credible Reiki therapist who has trained to Level 2 Practitioner and above and has a certificate and insurance. Holistic Journal Directory Members are a great place to start your search.
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