Crystals For Addiction

Recovery means healing. Healing from any addiction requires a robust support system, mind, body, spirit and an that’s is all intentional towards recovery and, perhaps most important of all, an optimistic mindset.

Working with crystals for addiction is ideal for anyone recovering from the devastating effects of drugs, alcohol, negative emotional patterns or other substances.

In my own personal journey of recovery from alcoholism, I naturally gravitated toward the mineral kingdom and other holistic modalities to help me, while I was doing all the things  I needed to do to stay sober on a daily basis.

A vital part of the healing process involves spiritual well-being and positive energy. Healing crystals and stones can help promote benefits like feelings of stability, soothing inner calm and focus. Gemstones also help us to change or heal our perspective.

By influencing the root or sacral chakra we can balance the instability within us. To help turn life around, higher vibrational crystals for the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra would be beneficial.

Wearing a bracelet or necklace made from healing crystals in recovery encourages a healthy, uplifting attitude to anyone in their time of need. Firstly, crystals serve as a physical representation of your goal to overcome your addiction; just looking at them is a constant and beautiful reminder. Secondly, the healing properties of  specific crystals help with the healing process

Amethyst is my go-to stone. I was the very first stone I was drawn towards. Amethyst comes from a Greek word, amethysos, that literally means “not drunk.”

Amethyst, a purple quartz-like crystal known as the “sobriety stone” in many recovery circles, is typically the crystal of choice to create inner calm and balance and reduce the tendency to overindulge and even abstain. It also detoxifies the body and alleviates withdrawal symptoms. It is known to put people in touch with their spirituality and overcome negative thought patterns.

If you are sober curious then this stone will help you on your journey of insight.

Hematite – brings willpower and focus on overcoming alcohol abuse. It is one of the premier crystals for addictions. It helps to release any unwanted patterns from your life. Hematite helps overcome habitual behaviours and removes any self-imposed limitations, along with encouraging expansion or growth. It grounds and protects, while making us feel safe and secure. It boosts self-esteem and survivability, while enhancing willpower and reliability and imparting confidence.

I always felt like I wasn’t enough and that is the underlying theme for many who have suffered any addiction. Hematite really helped me with finding my self-confidence again.

 Labradorite – imparts resolve, eases transition and change, reduces cravings of addictions. It stimulates physical activity, ‘kick starting’ the energy necessary to get into action. Labradorite readily reveals true intentions, as it balances the intuition navigating all types of changes and challenges and attracts strength and perseverance. It relieves insecurity and apprehension about your personal values.

Lepidolite – stimulates the brains pain centres, alleviating addiction and mood swings. A stone of transition that helps release and reorganise old emotional and behavioural patterns that will instigate positive life changes. It is a protective stone that engenders self-love, patience and optimism. Lepidolite contains lithium; so, it is helpful in stabilising mood swings and is useful in the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression. It is wonderful for overcoming any kind of emotional or mental dependency and supportive in releasing you from addictions. It conveys gentleness and balanced energy.

Rose quartz- unconditional love of oneself and others. An incredible gemstone that heals the subliminal ailments in a person’s mind, Rose Quartz is excellent to get over memories of abuse and traumas. Rose Quartz can help you see reality from your guilt-trips and help reduce the feelings of guilt and shame which could send us right back into addiction.

Ideal for the higher heart chakra, rose quartz is super-effective when worn on as a pendant on a necklace ( aura-by-calum)

 Citrine- also called the merchants stone. This is a joyful stone that clears the solar plexus which in turn re-ignites joy, happiness in oneself, and boosts self- esteem and self-confidence. A truly magnificent stone that just fills you with a sense of love and support.

I know that the crystal realm has really been a major part of my recovery. To this day I still wear my crystals that I am drawn to that day.

If you are new to crystals and want to find a crystal that will help work with you in your recovery journey go have fun in a crystal shop.

Find which crystal or crystals you are drawn to. The ones you intuitively pick are the very beauties that want to work with you and help you to heal yourself.

Then find out from a crystal directory what the healing properties are, you will be surprised and pleased as it could be obvious or could reveal something that needs healing and has been long hidden.

Follow any instructions you are given or what feels right with you on how to cleanse and program them. Crystals are your friendly co-workers and are ready to get going.

You can have a few of your fave crystals in a pouch that can be carried around in a pocket, bag or wallet. Place them under your pillow at night, or place on your bedside table. Anywhere you can see them as a reminder is also great.

If you feel you are struggling and are looking for help or advise please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Love & Blessings







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