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Ollogii are delighted to announce the launch of their award winning luxury beauty products. Could this be where compassion meets passion?  The inspiring creator Caroline Lyons once again delivers products that are both ethical and luxurious.

Created from all natural ingredients and lovingly made and packaged in Whitstable, Kent, the Ollogii products will help to detox any bathroom. No nasties are to be found here as they are carefully handcrafted from the finest natural ingredients. Created using a small selection of quality ingredients to blissfully treat your skin, whilst maintaining a low carbon footprint and reducing waste.

Founder and creator Caroline Lyons shared her inspiration behind the range 

‘From an early age I could be found mixing ingredients from the garden or the kitchen cupboard to create face masks, foot creams and exfoliates, for their lovely smells and healing properties, it was a daily pastime. I think I was a little girl with some pretty big ideas.

When I became a holistic therapist I was constantly using oils for massage and reflexology. I discovered a strong link between the quality of the oils and the healing and from there I knew what I had to do.”

Caroline went about developing her first  fantastic range of products which she introduced as the “Love Your…” line, this saw her taking a win  in the 2017 & 2018 Green Parent awards with “love Your Pits” as the natural deodorant that wowed her customers.

“I am personally not much of a consumer as I have always made products for myself so the first “Love Your..”range were a lot of fun to make,I was really playing and creating. They are more for the artisan audience. 

This time I wanted to create a line that oozed luxury and could compete with the more clinical beauty products on the market but without the EDC’s (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals) and synthetic fragrances so commonly used in other products.  I am passionate about educating the public on knowing exactly what they are buying, with so many misleading words being used in the industry these days I am on a mission to inform as many people as possible on what to look for, and not be misled by commonly used words such as Natural, Vegan, Clean Beauty, one common misconception being something labelled Vegan many assume these products are therefore natural and they commonly are not.

I recognised the desires and needs of the busy working women and mums who were seeking exactly this. These women are conscious consumers, many of them entrepreneurs themselves and they expect class and consciousness and quite right too. They are also (like many of us) limited on time so how many products do we really need to be using a day? I wanted to create products that saved time too”

With so many beauty products on the market it takes something special to stand out from the crowd and Ollogii have managed to achieve just that this year as they took the Hot Spot as winners for the 2019 Platinum Awards with their Face2Feet cream.

With testimonials like this it would seem as though Caroline has hit her mark. 

“This cream is a delight to use. the aroma is divine; Neroli is such a beautiful essential oil which is so lovely for balancing the skin. The cream is rich, but melts into the skin and it is such a bonus that it’s a multi use product. Lovely to use on the hands, elbows and arms too. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue and I appreciate that the packing can be fully recycled too.”

Ollogii are made with a beautiful range of ingredients including, indulgent butters, botanical waters, pure aromatherapy oils and luxury carrier oils.  All products are hand made using 100% natural fragrances for the mind & body with no artificial perfumes, or harsh preservatives.

Alongside a desire to heal people, Ollogi does not forget to heal our planet too, and this is reflected in their packaging where they use recyclable products such as glass, tin and paper. 

A discount scheme for returned bottles and jars has also been put in place….they thought of everything. Now that is what you call Holistic. 


You can discover Caroline’s stunning luxury range here  at


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