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I have always been interested in Alternative Therapies, different cultures and spiritual teachings.  Everything seeming to point in the same direction but using different maps to get there.  All of this has led me to two main fields of study, the first being Kinesiology and the second Astrology.  I trained in both fields on a professional course at the same time and found that both together worked for me. 

 I was studying Evolutionary Astrology, looking into the depth of the Soul Journey and on the other 5 Elements, Theory and Kinesiology


 It worked for me to enquire and move, unblock and generally shift chi energy. This worked in relation to the deeper understanding gained of myself from the Astrological Natal Chart.

Now I love to share this way of working with others. Astrology can offer a road map for what might be happening in your life and Kinesiology offers tools and techniques to aid you in achieving greater balance and ease.

I also teach Kinesiology Foundation Training Courses and offer 1-1 sessions on line for Astro-Kinesiology.  

I am looking forward to writing a blog on a regular basis here at The Holistic Journal and hope you will join me as we  delve deeper into the Astrological markers of our times.

 Many will be aware of the major planetary conjunction on 26th December 2019.  Saturn and Pluto were in Capricorn together with a new moon eclipse conjunct Jupiter on the same day. This was followed by the next Full Moon eclipse 10th January 2020.  

What Does It all Mean?

Astrologers across the world were all watching these events and looking back into the cycles of time to see what and where these same planetary alignments had taken place.   We now know that life has changed so dramatically since then and I hope to add a few ideas of what we can do.

I want to help you use the energetic gateways that planets might be pointing to so that you can plug into those for yourselves and bring your own alchemy into the mix. Sounds good right? 

As Mars Goes Retrograde

Last week Mars the planet of action and motivating the “me first”, first impulse, initial desire and that which brings about action is moving retrograde.

Retrograde simply means to move backwards and will be taking effect from 9th September until 13th November.This implies a chance to go over old ground with regard to what might have been calling for your action since 25th July.

Imagine and gain clarity regarding any inner call to action areas and ideas that you might have neglected. Indeed, even the stirring of that impulse that may have been seeded from the beginning of the year. It could be the right time for that seed to now germinate.

Mars is currently in it’s own sign. This means that there is greater vigour and inner warrior energy to harness. We all have Mars and Aries in our chart and this will colour our own experience. If we can commit to our inner warrior and cut through any mental blocks that have been holding us back we can achieve great results.

Fruition could be a while in becoming clear. Towards the end of the year is most likely. So, steady movement forward could be the best way to act. Activate your inner warrior for a steady campaign.

I hope this has been helpful and if you would like to check out more of my work please head to my page here at The Holistic Directory.




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