From Brighton to Brazil- Part 3 – John Nolan’s Story

The story so far…. The Nolan family have hit Brazil, the goal is in sight but there is still a way to go, what’s a guy to do?… 

Needs must.

With all our money gone, I returned to the UK alone and went back to work. I became a financial migrant for a few years, working abroad, sending money “home” and it worked…for a while. We got back on top… it was a fight though!

I’m proud to say we won! But, 3 years in, I was still working as much as I could, taking a lot of pills to keep my heart happy. I had some pretty bad episodes, all down to stress. Stress kills you. You can be fit and healthy but if you are stressed, forget it, it’s just a matter of time before the “game over” sign pops up. If you are lucky, you can put another coin in the slot, but you will run out of credit eventually. Our dream was to build an eco-house, by the sea. We were close to it but stuck in this half-life.

Which to me, was starting to feel worse than the life we had in the UK so…

We decided to really follow our dream and go for it. We found a small piece of land near a lake, close to the sea and we did it.. we moved again! The guy we bought the land from, rented us a little wooden house on the edge of the lake… things really started to change.

Izzy our eldest had never seen a sunrise! Can you believe that? About 7 years old and she’s never seen a sunrise! We watched the sunrise every day for weeks. She was obsessed with it, as was I… the vibe was insane.

I could literally feel my body healing itself… “this is good”

Mão an massa…

The four of us living in that one-bedroom wooden shack with only one bed, was possibly the purest feeling I’d ever had in my life- surrounded by my little family, with not much stress, was epic.

We had moved from a consumer lead society to one where the family came first. There were 456 boxes in our shipping container. No one here could understand why we had so much “stuff”.
That “stuff” was a sign of my success… or so I thought.

I made money and bought stuff- better stuff than my friends, the latest stuff, all useless stuff. All paid for with my hard earned money.

But it’s not… we think we pay for that “stuff” with money. We don’t. We pay with our time.

You can take “stuff” back and get your money back. You can’t do that with time.

Would you buy something that had a no refunds, no returns policy? I bet you would think twice about it, yet we don’t think about the time we lose keeping up with the Jones’s…

We still have quite a lot of “stuff” but it’s old stuff, some of it is worn out and been repaired. I have so much time now- I don’t work to feed the system, I don’t live to work, I work to live.

We built our house, we did it, as a family. The girls helped, Ivana and I did everything as we weren’t paying builders, We could “afford the time”…


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