Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Birth

essential oil for aromatherapy

Women are very emotionally responsive to aromas which means that using essential oils to support the body is not only beneficial for daily life, but also for significant transitional life stages such as pregnancy and birth…

Essential oils can assist with some of the uncomfortable changes that take place in your body during pregnancy, labor and postpartum periods, as well as during breastfeeding. When you consider how quickly essential oils absorb into the skin and bloodstream, they have the potential to reach every cell in the body within 20minutes. Because they have an affect at a cellular level, it is very important to ensure you are using certified pure therapeutic grade oils.

These oils have undergone stringent testing and 3rd party laboratory verification to ensure there are no contaminants or adulterations to the oil constituents.

Many products on the market contain synthetic components/ingredients and should be avoided altogether. Certified pure therapeutic grade oils can be applied topically, diffused or ingested for breast soreness, constipation, low mood, fatigue, high blood pressure, nausea/vomiting, sleep, stretch marks, swelling and more….

When using essential oils during pregnancy and nursing there are a few factors to consider:

Be aware of what the essential oil might do before using it. When using stronger oils such as oregano or peppermint, use small amounts and dilute with a carrier oil.

The baby develops rapidly during the first 3 months, simply be more cautious during the first trimester.

Pay attention to how the body responds, as body weight increases, there may be a need to increase dosage accordingly, or, if there is increased sensitivity of the skin, applying oils to the soles of the feet is an excellent option.

Tune in to what your body needs and err on the side of caution, dilute and simply avoid anything that doesn’t feel right.

Use your oils aromatically – this method is very safe during pregnancy and is wonderful for boosting mood and energy and creating an uplifting environment. They also support stress and tension reduction, promoting a good night’s sleep.

Top single oils for pregnancy include:

Wild orange – energizes and lifts the moods

Ginger – relieves nausea and morning sickness

Peppermint – relieves digestive upsets and supports memory

For Labor:

Clary Sage – broad=spectrum support to labor process. Can help to ‘bring on’ labor if things have slowed down (avoid this oil during pregnancy).

Jasmine – assists with labor and afterbirth

Geranium – supports perineum, labor performance, mood and healing

Lavender and Neroli – calms and soothes mood and tissues

Frankincense – lessens stress and trauma, promotes healing

Basil – relieves pain, enhances labor performance

Helichrysum – slows/stops bleeding and promotes healing

For Nursing

Fennel – promotes milk production

Ylang Ylang – alleviates tender breasts and depression

Clary Sage – promotes milk supply and hormone balancing, boosts mood.

Lavender – promotes milk production, prevents/heals tender sore breasts, nipples and clogged milk ducts

*Avoid peppermint as it may diminish milk supply.

It’s reassuring to know that you can use these natural compounds, extracted from plants and they can support our body and mind in a multitude of ways. Essential oils are the strongest form of plant medicine but they are extremely safe for everyone, at all life stages.

Jasmine Fletcher

Naturopathic Nutritionist and dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

MOB: 07810513243


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