Ruby Brown – Founder & Editor

My journey has been an interesting one so far. Back in the early 90’s I had the pleasure of experiencing  Island life in a quaint Greek village, working in bars, cleaning, being a tour guide and just about any other legal job that would keep me out there for as long as possible. Upon my return to the UK some three seasons later I had no real idea what I would do or where I would end up.

It soon became apparent that marketing and sales were to play a big part of my life which I would mix up with market-style trading in the vibrant and bohemian city of Brighton, organising Surf Movie nights for the Surf fraternity on the South Coast and raising my gorgeous girl (now all grown up….where did it all go?)

I came to realise that my love of people and knack of connecting them to their people and assisting them in building tribes was something I truly loved to do. I also developed a love of photography, capturing images and exploring who we are and what we do.

For some time I had been on my own path of self-development & self enquiry, probably from first reading a book by Shirley McLaine called Out On A Limb many many moons ago, but of course, it probably goes back even further than that. When my daughter was very young I had met the lovely Author and Self Love Guru Tara Love Perry and attended my first Unleash The Power Within conference, I was hooked. My interest in complimentary therapies deepened, there was so much out there.. with my attention being drawn to Reiki, Crystal healing, and aromatherapy the most. I have struggled with my mental health for as long as I can remember so seeking out the tools to help me cope with this has been very much a part of my life. Fortunately now more than ever the help is here and for that I am so grateful.

In 2012 I was introduced surreptitiously to Sophie Jewry from The Holistic Directory and I began working with Sophie within a sales role for membership at the directory. I loved it, I loved chatting to all the amazing therapists about their products and services and am pleased to say I made some life long friends along the way. It came as a  bit of a shock in 2015 when Sophie announced that she would be changing things a little as she would like to step away from the directory to develop her business Ladies That Plan and the wonderful journals she had been busy curating. Although nervous about stepping out on my own I was also excited and curious about taking things forward. I wanted to put my own stamp on things and after some thought I realised that combining my love of writing, photography and getting up close and personal with the holistic therapists about who they are and why they do what they do The Holistic Journal was born.

Like many things in life you have to start before you are ready and I most certainly was not ready, not financially, not emotionally, not technically, in fact it is no wonder that there have been, not one, not two, not three but four attempts to even get this off the ground, birthing this baby has been hard, BUT here we are and I truly hope you enjoy. There are a wealth of amazing contributors within our team who go above and beyond in sharing their love and knowledge to help us lead happier, healthier ways of being.


Anne-Marie Wickham – Life Coach, Hypnotherapist

Anne-Marie’s greatest passion is bringing healing and hope to people who are stuck following trauma or adversity.  Offering a pathway to a life renewed though the empowerment of transformation. Anne-Marie works with people applying a range of strategies from hypnotherapy, NLP coaching and mentoring to create a personalised journey to success, she also speaks publicly about her  personal experience’s being born into social care, learning to accept the past, forgive, and love every aspect of who we are. Speaking  truth, to teach others how to accept, forgive and move through negativity to an empowered and uncompromised future with no limits.  

As a life- long learner Anne-Marie’s educational background includes a Foundation degree in Early Years Education and Child Psychology, B.A Honours in Education and Professional Practice, and A Master Diploma in Personal Development Life Coaching, a Master Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Master Neuro Linguistic Coaching Diploma. 

Janey Lee Grace – Radio 2 Presenter and owner of Imperfectly Natural

Janey  Lee Grace is a presenter, singer and author.  She is co-presenter on the UK’s  biggest radio show, BBC Radio 2’s  Steve Wright in the Afternoon.  She began her career singing backing vocals for Kim Wilde,  Boy George and toured the world as a backing singer with George Michael and Wham!  She reached number 8 in the charts with the single 7 ways to love (Cola Boy) in the early 90’s.  Janey is a major influencer in the world of natural health and well-being,  she has written five books on Holistic living including the number One Amazon best seller Imperfectly Natural Woman and currently writes columns for many magazines, and runs training workshops and consultations on Media Breakthrough for holistic brands, therapists and experts.  Janey believes there is a natural alternative to everything and aims to  inspire us to happiness and well being through living a more sustainable lifestyle (albeit imperfectly) and the importance of extreme self-care.  Check out her courses  and she has just launched a free podcast Janey Lee Grace Alcohol Free Life

Trina Keane  – The Upstarts

Trina Keane is the founder of the UpStarts ..….for new beginnings as life advances community.  She is a regular contributor on Sunshine Radio in Dublin, covering topics such as her ‘MenoPower’©, “It’s Never too Late to Begin”  and ‘Living Magically’ mentoring programs and other subjects on the sacred soulcraft of self-nurture for women in midlife and beyond. Trina runs group and private workshops and two free annual 30 day self-nurture programs ‘Jewels in January’ and ’November Bliss’.    “I was saddened by the number of smart, creative and clever women I knew who were drifting into the ‘it’s too late’ or ‘I’m too old to begin…. mentality in relation to learning something new or following up on a dream from their youth.”  says Trina.  “In founding UpStarts, I wanted to be the example that as we move on from our age of reproductive fertility, we move into a new creative fertility.”  Trina says that stepping into our powerfully feminine and liberating status of Wise & Ageless Goddess means we are finally free to be who or whatever we desire to be.  In the words of Danielle LaPorte, it’s an age of returning to ‘who we were before the world told us who we should be.’   Trina is also a Hay House Certified Angel Guide and offers Angel Guidance readings online and in person.  In her ‘Wise & Ageless Goddess guide to Living Magically’ two and a half hour event, Trina shares her toolbox of wonder helping women to make room for life’s magic – to welcome more delight, and to learn how to recognise the visions, whispers, nods and winks from the universe that lead to the blessings of a wonder-filled life. “The Wise Woman stage of a woman’s life is a very powerful one,” Trina says.  “And often the transition is aided by the introduction of daily rituals and practices such as meditation, journaling, using the energetic properties of crystals, balancing the chakra energy system, the balance and harmony brought about by a Tai-Chi, QiGong or Yoga practice etc.”   Far from being an age of decline, Trina believes that growing older is an opportunity to return to the wholeness with which we were born with wisdom and a greater understanding of our desire to find real purpose and meaning in our lives.  Exploring that can become a thoroughly joy-filled experience full of creative self-expression, fulfillment and a true appreciation for the gift that is life.
Charli Rose

Charlotte Glanville- Soul Compass

My holistic journey started after my injury at the age of 26 I had a disk herniation in my lower back alternative therapies assisted in my recovery, after constant research into my condition and the therapies and how beneficial they were in my recovery led me to training in level 5 reflexology.I had already completed my reiki I which was very life changing for me,I then went on to train in level II and III and also Indian head massage.Working with the energies and combining them with massage treating the body as a whole the mind, body and soul is something which came naturally to me.The work I do as well as the experience and knowledge I have gained ,I work in a very intuitive way my intuitive abilities were first recognised when I started reading tarot 7 years ago.Tarot is a passion of mine its an amazing personal development tool as well as used for divination.I currently teach tarot for beginner workshops and soon will be a chakra instructor teaching the lotus chakra course. As well as massage and energy healing I am branching out into talking therapies and currently coming to end of my university training as a Humanistic counsellor. My passions include writing, crystals, tarot, travel, spending time with my daughter.I put my heart and soul into the work I do and love being part of assisting people on their healing journey.

Laura Topper- Thought Leader and CEO. You Got the Power
Laura Topper is a new thought leader, singer/ songwriter, recorded artist, author of Self Belief Make Over and Mama on a Mission, and inspired metaphysical teacher.
With many years of spiritual development education, and a dynamic spontaneous awakening in 2012, Laura is 100% responsible for transforming women’s self belief consciousness globally. Laura’s love, sparkle, and knowing shine through on her weekly live Cosmic Prayer broadcast, and with a lust for learning Laura continues with her passion to complete her ten year journey of Centre for Spiritual Living Ministerial education, in 2022.
Tracey Chaplin  – Unique Kinesiology

Dara Caroline – Heart To Heart 

A deep passion of mine is to empower other others and shift their perception to see their natural gifts. In order to live a life of freedom. I believe the feeling of freedom can be accomplished through the power of healthy boundaries. It was my own awareness, gaining perspective and yearning to see others around me succeed that I decided to start this community. My technique is working alongside their fears rather than against them. I work with them creating a gentle space using holistic practices and empower them to look at themselves to see the essence of who they are. Ultimately, together we can finally shift their life to the way they want it to be.