How’s Your Big, Bold, Audacious Vision Going?

What are you waiting for… it’s time to Get Your Act Together and STAND IN YOUR Greatest Vision.


Is it playing out as a major part of your life, or is it stuck on the shelf, gathering cobwebs, in need of love, and crying out for a hug, or are you completely ignoring it and preoccupying yourself with other stuff?  I know, I know there are a million gazillion reasons and excuses why things aren’t going the way that you truly want them to go. I’m sure that when it’s all sorted you will take action and get things done.  

Believe me I’ve been there, dancing with perfectionism over my logo, putting off the next live video cause my hair looks crap, waiting for my ‘followers’ to actually murmur and leave a comment till I get back on line, and peeling myself away from obsessing over my daughter’s social choices, like my input counts!!! using the age and capacity of my computer as  a reason to not be technically informed, lets see …. waiting for  the perfect background till I show up on a FB live call…… and the list goes on, and on, and on! 

Well, I am so grateful for that day in 2019, with seven years of making excuses and just half heartedly going through the web design and marketing motions, and a lifetime of real and raw experience and wisdom, just waiting to come out and be shared, life gave me a kick up the backside and showed me that if I wasn’t prepared to commit to my most heart connected vision, then my vision would fast become someone else’s greatest life. 

Don’t get me wrong, I had my vision held safely in my heart and yet there was a huge part of my daily decision making process that did not include steps to boldly move forwards. 

Let me rephrase that, I was taking steps and that felt good, and yet I was stuck in a holding pattern of not changing things up, and I believed that I had to chase others, become a social media groupie, focus on the minutiae of my passion and force myself upon the masses, who quite honestly weren’t interested in little ol’ me. I was working it all the wrong way round and hiding behind my computer screen pretending to be a graphic artist and web designer!! Have you been there? Really be honest, have you ever thought to yourself that it would be easier to be a web designer with all the web creation knowledge that you have learned, as you focus on getting your transformational healing business or singing career off the ground? If you haven’t then you are leaps ahead of me and that’s a true blessing, if you have then you are now leaps ahead of me because I’m here to WAKE YOU UP, SHAKE YOU UP and set you back on track…..

You see in the midst of my promotional efforts I actually reached out to my list with an offer for me to assist them with their websites. WHAT? Here I was promoting my latest album, holding my heart’s vision of being a global success on stage, and making myself available for web design and logo creation! Ok so that would have been fine IF that was truly a heart’s calling, but no it was a fear based plea, and it landed flat on its face. Was I surprised? NO.

You see as a metaphysical teacher, I know that when we make choices through fear, those choices will not fully support our soul’s calling, and will ultimately fall short of the desire that we require. When we are aligned with our passions there is no stopping its direct expression and materialisation.  There will be times when life will ask us to look at our lives and to do things that we are not feeling great about, I’ve worked in childcare,  stores, cafes, all sorts to support my vision financially, however the lesson that I was called to learn was that it was not for me to reinvent myself, again! as a freelance web designer and place my dreams on hold.

It was for me to do other things if necessary, and to hold steadfastly onto my vision.  

We hear many in the online world talking about a side hustle and I am inviting you now to rename this term and ditch the word hustle. This sounds cheap and meaningless, you are not meaningless.

You are the direct perfection and wholeness of the infinite and eternal expression of the Divine, and this Divine is calling to be used through each of us.  Right now you know what you are being called to do, and this is a heart knowing that only you can honour. 

What we are being called to do is to reach is to our hearts, to ask for guidance and to LISTEN as we make each decision one that comes from love and not from desperation…. This way your Vision will fly and you will be guided step by step as you honour your calling and hold your vision in your heart. Yes I’m great at web design, and believe me I have recreated my site hundreds of times… however is it my true life’s calling and passion…? NO. It’s a skill that I have developed, and it has saved me thousands of pounds along the way, there’s a difference and now I recognise that. No one responded to my web design call out and I was secretly VERY relieved!

Right now I am living in the most minimal way possible, home hopping for a year with 6 bags and a bed!! very few possessions and completely focused on my heart’s calling, to be the spiritual leader and teacher that I am here to be. 

So my 3 hot  #TOPMAMMA tips for you are…

Check yourself and your vision DAILY. 

  1. Ask yourself ‘am I aligning myself fully with my heart’s calling or am I making decisions from fear and disbelief?’
  2. Be bold, go all out and STAND IN YOUR TRUTH. Be honest with yourself and know that your clients are there now waiting for you to show up FULLY.
  3. Let go of the minor details, really just STOP trying to make everything perfect, allow your authentic self to come through and ditch the need to be liked…be you and let your VIsion Fly


Constant Love to You 




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