Why Invest In Women?

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Why Invest in Women?

Why investing in women in Social Enterprise and Eco Fashion projects is beneficial for sustainable fashion with Jo Gooden sharing her views. For more than 10 years charities and governments alike have been focusing on women- they have come to know that women are the driving force behind any real and lasting change for the better. But we kind of knew that, right?

RubyMoon is more than just a brand, it’s a social enterprise. We invest 100% of our profits in business loans for women. With the help of LendwithCare.org, we are able to provide loans and business training to women entrepreneurs in developing countries. We already helped over 1000 women and their families so far in 14 countries including Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Zambia, The Philippines, Pakistan & Palestine.

To End Poverty

Women in developing countries are the most disadvantaged without financial services for females due to gender inequality. This inequality greatly contributes to persistent poverty in these places, affecting mostly the non-males; 60% of chronically hungry people are women and girls.

To Create a Less Divided World

When women are able to gain an income, not only does it benefit them but also their families and communities. This is because women tend to spend their money on education, housing and nutrition. Through these actions, the whole community can thrive and slowly create a less divided world.

To Empower Women

Nowadays, women in the western world have gained independence and respect which has led to greater equality between the two sexes. However, our sisters in the global south are still fighting to reach this freedom.

So, to help empower these strong and beautiful women, we decided 9 years ago to invest in them. This allows them to acquire financial independence as well as gain a voice in their community. By starting and improving their businesses, these women are able to lead their families to a brighter future and finally break generational cycles of poverty.


Our Garments

All our garments are named after the inspiring women we support. Some of these are:

The Leilani  Multi- Sports Bra

Leilani Burgos is a 43-year-old mother of two school children aged 14 and 7. They live in the Bulacan province and she and husband, Luisito, manage a food and souvenir shop. Their shop offers a wide array of food items all produced locally. Full story here.


The Yasmeen Rash Guard

Yasmeen Zain All-Deen is 27 years-old and runs a hairdressing salon & has built up a good reputation and attracted clients all around the city. To expand the business, Yasmeen requested a loan to buy new equipment that will cost more than $5,000. She also plans to employ another woman to help with the business growth, which is fantastic news! Full story here.


The Lucia Boy Shorts


Lucia Mudima is a widow living in the Mandeya area of Honde Valley in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. Before she could access her loan, she undertook financial training at Thrive Microfinance, enabling her to become financially literate. After that, she was ready to kick start her food business and provide an income for her and her 4 children. Full story here.



Check out our other garments and their stories on our website.

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