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Are you looking to improve your drinking water? Click here to see the Waterfall Filter special available now on the range of PiMag Water Filtration systems.

Nikken PiMag Filtration – Water As Nature Intended

A unique water filtration system designed not just to clean the water, but to transform tap water into natural, spring-like, mineral rich water for the home or office environment.
It not only tastes better but is also good for you with a mild alkaline pH that is key to health

The multi-stage filter begins by removing the chemicals and pesticide residues found in tap water, filtering to the gold standard of the Water Quality Association. After filtering, the water percolates through further layers that create alkaline structured water. A pictogram attached shows this visually and more details are provided below.

Charcoal carbon is a natural material that operates on the adsorption principle. The PiMag Waterfall filter uses the large surface area of the charcoal carbon as an extremely effective method of natural filtration. It captures microscopic particles with activated carbon, removing chemicals and other impurities naturally.

Activated carbon is a natural material made by processing charcoal in an oxygen-rich environment to create an even greater surface area.
The PiMag Waterfall uses Silver Activated Charcoal to reduce bacteria and to inhibit their growth. It also ionises the water and increases the antioxidant potential.

The final stages of the water filter involve Clay and Bio-Ceramic Beads, Mineral Stones, Silica Sand, Ion Exchange Resin, KDF material and Magnetic Field Technologies. These all work together to regulate the water’s pH and make it more Alkaline. They add essential minerals to create mineral water as found in nature. They also help to break up the clusters of water molecules so they are more easily absorbed into the cells and hydrate better. They will also naturally soften your water without the use of chemicals and salt. The water is structured water, as found in nature, with all the benefits that brings.

Here’s a short visual plus have attached a pictogram as well.
Waterfall Filter

A unique benefit of these further processes is that it creates full spectrum structured water.

For more about this aspect of drinking water, watch how this filter provides all that water needs in order to acquire and mainitain the liquid crystalline state of pure water. This video features MJ Pangman, author of ‘Dancing With Water’. It’s fascinating to hear just how ‘alive’ water can be.


The PiMag Waterfall Unit is on special offer with 20% off – click here for details. Special Offer Prices

Full price is £263.00, now reduced for the offer period and includes the first filter. Average use means changing the filter every 3 months or 6 months, depending on usage. The filter costs £35.00 plus pandp. The Mineral stones need changing once a year and cost £29.00 plus pandp. Many people choose to get a year’s supply when ordering the unit to save on postage.

We can raise our frequency and our coherence through the choice of water we drink.
Take advantage of the special offer prices on the three units in the PiMag range – the Waterfall kitchen countertop unit, the water bottle and the shower unit.

We recommend the PiMag Waterfall filtration designed to give water all that it needs to flow harmoniously and form structured coherence. Harmonically structured, alkaline, micro-clustered water that is also filtered to the Gold Standard of the Water Quality Association – filtered both physically and energetically.

Plus the light weight on the go PiMag water bottle, transforming tap water into filtered, microstructured, alkaline structured water in a biodegradable bottle.

And the further option of a PiMag Shower Unit which ensures no toxins entering the skin when showering. Use a Filter of Be the Filter!

Here is the link to my site where you can order directly, or I can place the order for you and get it delivered and help with set up. .
Waterfall Filter

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