The Metaphysics of Money

I know that my purpose and calling is to teach, and this shows up in many powerful ways. 


As a lifelong learner, I have been obsessed with the study of metaphysics and spiritual principle for over 30 years. Born into the ‘rag trade,’ 56 years ago, I learned a whole set of beliefs about money that became by bedrock for many years.  You see, I chose to believe that to have money I had to work hard, to be the best thing since sliced bread, to come up with amazing ideas, and to struggle in limit and lack, chasing money by the tail. I believed that I had to get money and that I had to do something special for that to happen, and I also chose to make it difficult, as for so long I really had no idea how the Divine creative law worked.

Put simply, I was a mess with money for the first 55 years of this lifetime. Living from the template of lack and yes although I have been in the metaphysical classroom for 30 years, I chose not to apply the principles. I chose to stay in the poverty consciousness world that I had created, and I chose to continue to struggle. 


Things don’t happen as we want them to happen, they happen as we believe they will happen. The more that we are holding onto old thoughts and programming, the more that we will outpicture life from that viewpoint. Thoughts get in the way, yes there are great processes out there that can shift thinking and subconsciously realign us with new sets of beliefs, however I believe in and work from a different, newer foundation that goes beyond the psychic/thinking, and leans on the mystic/knowing astruth.  You see for years I thought that the Law of Attraction and visualisation were the keys to wealth. I thought that if I could just get my vision board up and running perfectly that I would make it big time.  What I didn’t accept fully in my heart was that wealth is not about getting and attracting, its all about a deep knowing of who we truly are BEYOND THE BELIEFS. 

In a nutshell, wealth is our evolutionary process of expansion and faith in something greater than ourselves as our infinite source and supply.….. AKA, the Divine.

The BIG task here is not to let go of one set of beliefs and to hold onto another, the work is to let go of all beliefs and lean into the Divine and cultivate a foundation of faith in supply that’s so deep, nothing can move or shake you from that place. 

One year ago I was given the most incredible opportunity to rebuild my life and my idea of money,  I chose to walk away from my life as I knew it to be and to have the faith of a mustard seed as I home hopped, reduced my possessions AGAIN, this time to 6 bags of stuff, and surrendered to living in temporary homeless accommodation. and I was shown the way to put into practice all that I have learned over the past 30 years, putting my money beliefs under the microscope to be a metaphysical detective and get to the core of my lack and limit story.  This has been the most powerful and greatest gift I could ever have asked for … WOW. 

Through this I have come to some incredible realisations and have created a format for being a living metaphysical wealth experiment and I invite you to be a part of this with me. 

Money is an energetic symbol for the value that we place on stuff! It’s not mine, it’s not yours, it’s god’s gift to life for exchange. Money is not out there to be had, it materialises in direct relation to the consciousness that we hold, and it shows up as the physical demonstration of our level of  consciousness. Your job is to be the consciousness of money.

1 Get your money in order

Ignoring your financial situation is a clear way to chaos, and money likes order and harmony. If you don’t know your monthly outgoings and your direct debits off the top of your head, and you have no clue what bills are coming out and when, then how can you be prepared for the flow and transaction of prosperity in your daily life. Creating a clear list of your outgoings and noting this on your daily planner, keeps you in the know, and yes knowledge is POWER.  

2 Get your feelings in check

How do you feel about money? Do you like it, do you resent it, do you fear it? It’s vital to get clear with your feelings about money, and to DO the healing work around that. Money can trigger a lot of emotions, and if you are harbouring these you will create resistance to BEING the CONSCIOUSNESS of money. 

3 Getting or Giving

        Our money story keeps us where we are in terms of giving and receiving and flow.       

        What’s your story? Are you stuck in a fight, flight, freeze around money? Are you           

        living in the old limits of an old paradigm? Money responds to our GIVING nature,    

        now is the time to check your intention around your use of money. If you are only 

        ever concerned with how you can have more of it, and give little focus to your  

        intention to GIVE into life, you will see little return. The ancients lived by a system 

       called tithing, giving away one tenth of every penny of income to build up their    

        FAITH in the FLOW muscle. 

4 Get another story

Ditching the old unsupportive story leaves a space, a gap if you like. As you realise that the DENSE LAYER OF UNSUPPORTIVE ASSUMPTIONS, that you may have held onto possibly for years, are not the truth of the matter, you will be called to invent a BRAND NEW STORY.  The Divine will fill in the gaps and so you’d better be  prepared and ready with your desired intentions for 1/ the amount of money you are ready to receive weekly [constant and increase], 2/ your intentions for its use, 3/ how you feel about this and your ability to LIVE from this feeling 24-7.

5 Get comfy with the uncomfortable

When you ask, the Divine will provide, and in this provision you will be called to grow and expand in your consciousness. This will be uncomfortable. You will be called to get comfortable with the transition and metamorphosis stage of growth. You will be called to take up the challenge and rise to the calling, and depending upon your willingness to surrender, the demonstration will occur as and when you realise that YOU ARE THE MONEY.  This can take its time and yet in that growth process there will be continual opportunities for a turbo zoom … the question is are you willing to rise up and say YES?

Extra SECRET Bonus….. Let it go

When you know in your heart that the Divine is on your side, and that your work is to work WITH the Laws of life, then you really are living in the FLOW. 

Letting Go in absolute FAITH and CONFIDENCE is a work in progress and one that commands constant attention, this goes back to the practice of tithing, [always to a person, place, thing that has spiritually nourished your SOUL’S evolution.]  As you lean into the Divine you will be shown the way to wealth in all ways. You will be given insight, you will be led and you will be shown ways that you never could have imagined existed to prosper and BE THE MONEY. 


Constant Love to You 




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I am here to teach you to STAND IN your POWER,  heal your money story, and live from Divine Wealth.



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