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There have been some recent planetary shifts that have helped me to dive into a whole new head space and I wanted to share how Working With The Elements is really helping me to create fantastic tools for transformation.

Being a quirky, flighty Aquarian myself  I often find I have ideas aplenty,  yet harnessing the good ones and staying focused? This I have found slightly more challenging.

My true element being an Aquarian is Air and I have oodles of it in my chart.  Air is my Sun Sign and my Rising sign  and without embodying all of the other elements my own personal journey has been somewhat chaotic for a while (9 moves in 7 years, and that’s not even half of it…) quite literally allowing myself to be blown around all over the place. I have been working on this and have devised my elemental tools for transformation; ensuring ways to have a pro-active year and not a reactive one.

Earth – With every breath I plant the seeds of devotion, I am the farmer of my heart– Rumi

And so it is that NOW is the time for me to fully develop my yoga practice and as with all things when the student is ready the teacher appears. I have a great teacher in a class I really vibe with and surprisingly enough my partner too.

Referring back to me being a slightly chaotic and airy individual has meant that although I have been needing for this to happen I had not found the way to be consistent enough. My time is now. Grounding is of the utmost importance to me.

I walk in the woods daily. I am blessed because there are some beautiful woods right on my doorstep but I would encourage anyone to find a green space nearby for this vital ingredient to keeping connected to our Mother Earth.

You could contact the Open Spaces Society which is a national charity helping protect our open spaces and where you can find information about community events in your area.

From the earth I am enjoying an abundance of good fruit and veg from the wonderful Spring Gardens Nursery, this is my local greengrocers and now work space. Their cafe really is a delight to be in. I am finding I am being so much more conscious and mindful while eating and what a difference this is making to my mental health.

Water – Life is a balance of holding on and letting go- Rumi

The element of water rules our emotions and can have us feeling pulled one way or another. The ebb and flow.

I have found numerous ways to connect on this one so here are my top four:

1.Drinking water, and lots of it. Not only is it really good for you and a true life sustainer but it is not expensive. Now doesn’t that make a change?

2.Stand Up Paddle-Boarding  is a great new sport. Whilst it may not seem the perfect time of year just yet Spring is coming so put it on your radar and make some enquiries with your local water sports centre. Experiencing your exercise out on our big blue will help you to find your flow. To be out on the water in this way feels like a real meditation through movement, it helps build on your core muscle groups and you can either go it alone or engage in some down time with friends.

3.Be it wild swimming, dipping out in open ocean or visiting your local health club, swimming is still one of the best forms of exercise out there and not expensive!
If you can get to any natural piece of water be it Lake, River, or Sea this is such good energy to be around as you cleanse your mind and let things BE.
4.Ok, this is a new one on me but I really enjoyed the experience and I will be going back for more, Floatation Tanks. Have you ever had the Float Experience? If not I can not recommend this enough so punch it in to good ol’ google and see if you can find your nearest. I visited The Float Spa here in Hove, East Sussex and the whole experience was an absolute delight. It is not the cheapest way to get your water kicks but I can assure you of feeling the benefits.
Air – But Still Like Air I Rise- Maya Angelou
By no means is this the least important element for me, in fact quite the opposite.
The air that I breathe and my deepest Om is what connects me to the divine.
Concentrating on breath work, mindfulness and reiki all enable me to tune in to spirit and therefore deeper, inner truths.
Reminding myself to get into this practice and be fully aware daily is a work in progress but it is work none the less.
Fire – Set Your Life on Fire, Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames Rumi
A coach or mentor will  whole heartedly be there to support and cheerlead you into a better place. 2013 had me literally embracing as many of these awesome folk as I could muster, my first and most significant being the wonderful Linzi Wilson from Hello Glow. Linzi was the catalyst for me and now the faucet is turned on they just keep on flowing.

I have worked with the fabulous Louise George, Shaa Wasmund and Marie Forleo to name but a few and I will continue to aspire and connect with courageous souls who are out there in the arena, getting their arses kicked as Brene Brown would say and will be willing to coax you through to your next level with their warrior spirits and fierce hearts.

I am incredibly grateful for each and every one.

Learn, Develop, Grow, Share Repeat.

As for the nay sayers, the critics and the non believers, I simply stay away. I have dreams to make real here, negativity is a no go for me to be around. Find your tribe, love them hard.

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