From Brighton to Brazil – Part 2 – John Nolan’s Story

Our True Story this week is a follow on from our first part tale from John Nolan – “Burned But Not Broken” 

In John’s own words, lets just jump right in….


Brazil has a 100% import duty on all non essential goods.. so we decided to load our life into a shipping container and take everything with us.


Ivana and I were both pretty weak still, so we organised a company to pack everything and move us door to door.. the only problem, was we had a month to find a new door to move in thru in Brazil.

Remember we are trying to have a more relaxed life?

Well, selling your house isn’t relaxing.. neither is turning your life upside down.. but, change is as good as a rest… so holding onto that thought, we flew to Brazil..

Trusting in the universe is cool and we were doing just that, but it doesn’t help you open a bank account or rent a flat/house.. bureaucracy hit us pretty hard.

We didn’t exist and we had no financial history, which meant everything became very tricky..

So, we rented a room in an apartment hotel, in the hope we would sort everything out.

Finally we did actually start to chill out a bit.

There we were, sat on a sunny beach, watching the kids running in an out of the ocean..


“This is it” crosses your mind for a moment…..

And it is moments like these we live for right?

The moments where nothing else matters.

These are the moments that add years to our lives and take away the wrinkles better than creams.

But reality has a way of kicking you up the backside again…..

The first big kick

That shipping container company I mentioned?

Well, we got fully ripped off and without boring you with all the details we were left with £849.00….not enough to pay the hotel bill at the end of the month.

I wasn’t feeling so relaxed…..


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