Raw but Real – Alexandria’s Story

Introducing Mother, Author & New Age teacher Alexandria King who shares a snippet of her raw but real story.

Honestly, I’m in pain. I am grieving something fierce. Cold coffee in the bathtub kind of day.

I didn’t know that I was stalling starting my business/ moving into the world. I didn’t know how to show up because I felt uncomfortable.

I’m half White, Chinese-Jamaican and Bajan.

Growing up in and all white rural Ontario town and never having seen another POC except my mother until I was twelve. I never once saw myself reflected in media of any kind until that age. I tried to fit in so I could be “seen” and loved. Otherwise I was not being “seen” or “loved”. In the process I completely lost myself.

When I was 14 I moved to Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the world, here I tried to be seen for my blackness and otherness.

As I reached my late twenties I left Toronto because I needed healing. I needed rest and I slept and meditated for years.

These last few days have been the first time in my life I didn’t feel the fear of being attacked when I shared openly my experiences as a mixed race girl in Canada. Well, I feared but I felt like the community was on my side for the most part.

I have been sharing experiences that have not been told by my family for generations. The feeling of not being seen and feeling less that affect me every day. Everyday I’m not sure If I can speak, If I have the floor because of how big a voice the “power” has in the every day conversation.

Feeling hugely overwhelmed with what is happening, grieving, celebrating and healing.We all have to work through so much in order to share our stories. It seems I am still trying to put a voice to the suppressed anger I have carried.

I created a book with my daughter in an effort to heal our ancestral line. “The Moon In You” is a period book for girls which has taken more womb clearing and ancestral healing than you can imagine.

The book features only children of colour. For the little me that never saw a person of color reflected in the media growing up.

This planet has much healing to do and I am all in.

Alexandria King is a mother and new age teacher supporting women and girls to look at their body with a new perspective–of healing. Shedding light on what was once dark, illuminating the beautiful.

Alexandria King - HJThe Moon In You - HJ

You can check out more from Alexandria here at https://littleredslibrary.com/

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