Ostara Blessings

The spring equinox is upon us 20th March 2020 ,We can rejoice again it’s been a long wet winter. The winter is a time of hibernation, rest and recuperation it’s also a time of planning and preparation ready to take action in the spring.

Now spring is upon us we can breathe a sigh of relief for the longer lighter days and the long awaited return of the sun. The sun in the tarot is the happiest card of the deck the rays of the sun welcome vitality ,optimism and success , new positive changes and beginnings are a foot what was once blocked is ready to flow freely it’s a time for basking in the glory of feeling the warmth of the sun on your face and clearing the fog from the long dark winter.

Nature has already started to come to life as the buds are starting to blossom and bloom, we too are coming to life blossoming and blooming. Springtime is a season of rebirth, fertility and abundance the tarot card representing this is the Empress the divine feminine the archetypal mother.

The energy of this card is channelling the divine feminine giving birth whether physically or to new creative ideas and situations the plans you have been nurturing are ready to be birthed into the world. Beauty and sensuality are also key themes take note of your surroundings, go to places, plan activities and surround yourself with people who bring you great joy and raise your vibration.

There are already many daffodils the yellows of the spring remind me of the solar plexus chakra ,this chakra is connected to the inner child .When birthing new ideas into your life unleash your creative side, Play let your imagination run wild dance with the flow of life don’t be afraid to show your individuality. Think outside the flock for your talents are unique and special.

We are entering a new cycle say goodbye to the old and welcome the new.

Vision board exercise

Visualisation’s are powerful this a simple vision board exercise to manifest the life you desire, unleash your creativity this spring the energy you put out comes back.

  1. In  a quiet space take a few deep breaths centre yourself, ask your higher self your intentions, wishes your hearts true desires.
  2. Visualise in your mind’s eye what you wish to put on your board and also not just material objects , pay attention to your emotions how you are feeling during your visualisation as these play a huge part in the manifestation process.
  3. Find materials from magazines the internet, nature, add pictures words, feelings anything you wish, remember to only put the things you do want to manifest not what you don’t.
  4. Place them on your board, this is your personal board be as creative as you wish,position your board somewhere you will be able to view it regularly.
  1. Visualise daily.
  2. The last step hold the vision, trust the process don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t happen fast everything takes time be patient and trust the universe, surrender the outcome and watch the manifestation beautifully unfold.
  3. Happy manifesting!!!!


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