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Good Reads - HJ Book club

Each month we will take a look at a selection of books that can assist us in our health and well-being.

This month we review books sharing personal journeys concerning Mental Health, Self Empowerment and Philanthropy at it’s finest.


Our first book is “Life As A Rollercoaster – The Mayhem Of Bipolar” by Liz Rotherham

Slowly but surely more awareness is being created around Mental Health issues and people are increasingly displaying more empathy and compassion but there is still a long way to go.

We still need more education around Mental Health. Understanding different conditions is one of the ways we can really connect with and support others if they are in crisis or encountering an episode.

“Awareness Days” bring more recognition and as brave souls step up and share their stories they hold a torch and shine a light on the dark places so the rest of us can see.

Liz Rotherham is one such lady who does this as she exposes the challenges that Bipolar has showed up with in her own life. Liz explores each encounter in her personal memoir Life As a Rollercoaster.

I devoured this raw but real journey in one sitting.  Liz tells her story as if she is sharing with you over a cuppa and a biscuit and I feel as though I know a great deal more about Bipolar than I really would by reading a paper on it or some text book info from a doctors.

This kind of story telling around such subject is what is needed. Don’t get me wrong of course such text books and research are needed but to end the stigma around mental health and really gain understanding it requires for us to step into that life for a moment. Only then can we even begin to gain some perspective.

Life As A Rollercoaster not only shared Liz’s experience but also those of her close family, partner and work colleagues.

Liz is passionate about educating people around the complex and devastating challenges people face living lives with Bipolar, she also shares healing, humour & hope.

You can find out more from Liz through her listing for Heads2Minds at The Holistic Directory:

Next week we step into the Empowering journey of self-mastery and miracles with Debbie Sturge as she shares her book “Your Secret Power” .



We aspire to connect with new up and coming authors and encourage people to send their audibles, e-books, or in print books to for review.

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