Part 1 – Burned But Not Broken – Sean Nolan

Our True Story this week has all the elements of a true heroes journey and is compelling every step of the way.

 I would like to introduce my friend, awesome camera man, surfer, all round water man, most loving and inspiring family man and now somewhat of an ‘eco warrior’ Sean Nolan.

In Sean’s own words, lets just jump right in….

I’ll never forget the feeling. Sat with my wife’s dr at Worthing hospital…

“I’m sorry to say, but your wife has a malignant cancer..”

The rest of his words blurred in my mind..

I have no memory of what he said after that…

Our 9 month old daughter was on my knee..

I’m pretty sure my heart stopped for a while.. which is funny, as the following week, I had heart surgery booked in at Brighton hospital.. an ablation.. life was a mess.

I worked 18 hour days in TV.. I was the director of photography on the BBC show Dragons Den.. stress was killing me and my wife.. we had no work life balance, we had a huge mortgage and an expensive lifestyle.. “Work hard, play hard!”, “Burn out, don’t fade away!”

All seem like fun ideals, but when you are faced with the very real risk of not seeing your children grow up.. some choices and changes have to be made.

My wife Ivana is from the south of Brasil. We had spent a few holidays there, the beaches are amazing and a relaxed cheap way of life. We used to dream of going to live there one day.. I lost my company as I had become very ill.. after my operation, my right lung was paralysed.. life and work became very difficult..

Ivana had a successful surgery to remove her Thyroid.. but with no nearby family, we felt quite at a loss.. we had and still have great friends and they were there for us.. but we made a decision to leave to UK and start our lives again… in Brasil.

We sold our house to the second person to see it.. a cash buyer, after this we had only a month to move out.

Brasil has a 100% import duty on all non essential goods.. so we decided to load our life into a shipping container and take everything with us! Ivana and I were both pretty weak still, so we organised a company to pack everything and move us door to door.. the only problem, was we had a month to find a new door to move in thru in Brasil…..


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