August Astro Insights

This month completes our spring/ summer of astrological marvellous madness!

With the 6 retrogrades the Continued themes are introspection, increased self-awareness, release, faith, trust, redirecting our life purpose, surrender and rebirth.
There is no doubt we are all being asked to take an internal review and Let Go our base survival struggles, fears of being enough, unhealthy anger, lack of discipline & generosity in our communications, life purpose and about choosing the right thing at the divine tight time with integrity intact.

Just one of those themes in itself is a big personal sea-change – but attempting to do them all at once shows just how far we’ve come!
On Aug 8th we enter the Lions Gate of Abundance so be sure to ask for just enough and include world peace please.

The solar eclipse and new moon the 11th in Leo, could prod our everyday emotions into the roar and ferocity of a lion. Work hard to avoid melodrama to benefit from the real magic within this event.
After this peak relationship and life, in general, will start to feel easier and a sense of measure and temperance can return.
Finally on the 27th August Mars Retrograde ends and maybe we can all get a little peace restored. Only it will be all the wiser for the retrograde and hopefully lessons have been learned!
For the rest of the month there are other quieter streams of light being delivered to our core.

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