October Full Moon – Jumping The Fire With Earth And Water

October full moon - HJ

Second Full Moon in October at 14.49 GMT on Saturday 31st October


Following the transformative theme of the year of 2020 the astrological signatures are stacking up again for huge change and transformation.


So this is the second Full Moon in October the first being in the Libra –  Aries Axis.  This one is the Scorpio – Taurus axis and as such picks up on our journey through the year’s cycle as the light of the Sun lessens in the day in the Northern Hemisphere – the energy becomes deeper on an inner level as we are also celebrating Samhain reflecting clearly the Celtic Festival.  Samhain is traditionally celebrated where we on the earth plane experience the Veil between our world and that of Spirit becoming ‘thinner’ and more accessible.


This festival on the 31st October is also celebrated throughout the world as the Day of the Dead in Mexico for example, and our Halloween celebrations (borrowed from the USA) full of glitz and consumer driven hype are still enabling us to grasp the real meaning of All Hallows Eve.    Every ancient tradition recognises this seasonal and energetic Gateway – a Gateway to our Ancient Ancestors where gifts of knowledge can be imparted and exchanged through the generational void.


Looking at the chart for the Full Moon tomorrow, the themes that stand out for me are the need to connect to our shared ancestral heritage in the dim and distant past where vast oceans of knowledge reside that we can tap into, ask for help and guidance.  Ask the guardian of the gateway to the inners realm to help you to let go and make way for your inner resources to find grounding.  That could be as simple as lighting a candle and going out to view the full moon’s light.


The full moon in Taurus is conjoining with the planet Uranus which can bring in sudden unexpected change.  This Uranian energy is one of innovation and collective invention in one of its highest forms.  If we look at the sign of Taurus being an earth sign where our experiences of the senses and our inner gifts and talents find voice and expression, this full moon could help us to tap into our inner resources and let go of the past.  So much of this year has been letting go of the past that does not serve and here we are at the Festival that Celebrates the gratitude for the fruits of the year and the letting go of what does not serve us.

In Celtic Tradition people let go of the old by jumping over a fire in preparation for the New Year to come.

It is about finding our true selves and then putting that self forward to share our gifts with the greater collective.  Dream big and also take note of any dreams tonight and tomorrow night.


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