New Moon in Libra and the theme of relationships and partnership

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If this time that we are moving through in 2020 was not potent enough we are just about have a New Moon in Libra partnering with the Full Moon later on this month.  

The New Moon in Libra is this Friday evening and picks up on the theme of relationships and partnership as well as the sacred geometry of Libra’s ruling planet Venus as she moves through the sky.   The Full Moon is on the 31st of October by then the Sun will have moved into Scorpio and the Moon will be in the opposite sign of Taurus, also ruled by Venus.   The New Moon and Full moon connection being centred around the time of Samhain, a time of honouring our ancestors and traditionally a time of letting go of the old.
Mercury the planet of communications and also the Messenger of the Gods has gone retrograde from this Wednesday 14th, to add to the mix.  This retrograde motion (as it appears to us on Earth)  has occurred in the sign of Scorpio and will travel back in its journey into Libra before it starts its forward motion on the 3rd November.    Mercury retrograde is always about review and going back over communications, learning what works and what does not, sometimes synchronistically bringing up old themes, people, topics.
Another notable astrological occurrence ( amongst so many this year ) is that the Full Moon in Taurus on the 31st October directly picks up the energy of on of the outer planets Uranus.
Picking up some of the metaphorical threads of these planetary signposts it might be very beneficial to think about:
What messages (Mercury) do we want to give to the world as as result of the transformation (Scorpio)  and deep inner knowing that we have received over the year
How do we want to communicate that now (Mercury).  The sign of Taurus rules the throat and Throat Chakra.
Also it may be beneficial to think about what harmonic or frequency you are communicating in and does that, or can that match your environment (Taurus).  Maybe there are some adjustments that need to be made to be able to sound your own Note.
Maybe we need to let go of some deep seated patterns in the way that we communicate our Truth to then enable us to be more authentic in our being and ways of relating ( Venus ) and (Libra).
Any work that you can do to facilitate communication and connection would be well met.
Things to do:  A letting go ritual on Friday before 7.30 pm would be ideal.  Or you could write down what you would like to let let of and forgive.  The idea here is to make space for the new to come in.  Keeping along the lines of jumping over the Samhain fire and letting go of the old while honouring the experiences and lessons.
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