Full Moon In Libra

I have decided to attach the Natal Chart of the time of the Full Moon.  Reason being it shows the Moon in Libra opposite the Sun in Aries in perfect symbolism as though the Moon is holding the pivotal point of a bow just about to release and reach it’s target.  

We have just entered and passed through the gateway of the Equinox as the Sun moved into the first degrees of Aries.  – with the energy of fresh impulse and desire.  Yang energy.  Where is the chosen target?

The perfect balancing point is the sign in opposition Libra, with the Moon at its fullest here today, it carries the emotional and Yin energy.  We may be feeling a push to get on with ‘Doing’  and holding back may cause anxiety as the Mars energy wants to fire up the engines of our next action.  The Question is how to do this while honouring our inner relationship to ourselves and the emotions coming up to the surface.  This energy maybe carrying memories from the past that would serve us better to be seen and released.

Libra – relationships, the other, Venus ruled.  Finding balance with the other without compromising our inner drive.  Too much indecision will lead to no action, an untimely action can lead to wounding others in the process or fall wide of the target intended.  

Venus the ruler of Libra (and thus the Moon)  is conjunct the Sun, with Chiron as well, they are all in the mix.    Venus the planet of love, relationships and money with Chiron the Wounded Healer.  This may be triggering our inner wounds, the need here is to be kind to oneself and to be aware of the potential shadow energy of Aries being too impulsive or selfish which could wound ourselves or others in the process.  

So the question we need to ask ourselves is How do I implement, go and get, aspire to, follow my inner impulse While at the same time honour that any idea or action has a connection with others who have gone before or offered us an idea – standing on the shoulders of others while stretching ahead to do the next step.  

In Chinese Medicine the Equinox energy is related to the Wood Element.  We can think about balancing our emotional energy here with Decision Making and Assertion as well as step by step planning.

Tracey Chaplin


Touch for Health Kinesiology Instructor

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