Alignment Is Your Super Power

I had an interesting conversation this week with Rev Dr Ruth Miller, what an incredible woman, pioneer and visionary in the field of metaphysics and New Thought, I feel so blessed to know her and to be enriched by her knowledge.

I am fortunate to have met and interviewed so many great spiritual leaders over the past few years on my quest to guiding people to living their best lives, and while talking with Dr Ruth, I realised that while so often we seek to over complicate life and to try to work out the fine detail and struggle with the ‘creating’ part, we really are at all times being offered the gift of simplicity. 

The thing is, that the human being in us wants to make logic the leader, our ‘mind’ wants to compartmentalise things and to have things make sense, however if we lead our lives relying on our understanding of the 5 senses, we keep ourselves in a trap, in bondage, and in a lack and limit experience of reality.

So you might be asking, what’s the solution, how do I live life without relying on logic, won’t my world fall apart? Well the answer to that is ‘willingly and YES.’ 

You see our mind wants to keep us trapped safely in a small and seemingly secure experience, it’s job is to keep us defined as the smaller version of ourselves, so that we don’t dare step out of our comfort zones and fail at what we are doing.  

There is a part of our mind that wants us to stay in the same groove and to just feel complacently happy skipping along to the same tune, should we dare to push against this and step up and into our wildest dreams, we will most likely feel challenged to go ahead with pushing through and into this new experience. 

That’s why a new desire brings challenges and obstacles and why you will find yourself coming up with all sorts of reasons why it won’t work or why you can’t go ahead with the idea, and you will find solace in stepping back and not pursuing your dreams. 

Hang on, you know all of this! This is not new information. 

So what’s holding you back?

In our conversation Dr Ruth reminded me that there are four levels of awareness..

The Realm of Matter where change happens through materialisation.

The Realm of Metaphysical where change happens through thought and feelings.

The Realm of Mystical where change happens through Oneness.

The Realm of Absolute where there is no change.

We get to choose which Realm we are experiencing life from, and the intention is to live from and by the role of the absolute. Living in the world of thought for example keeps us stuck in the small slice of thinking that we choose from.

It’s rather like having a whole apple pie and choosing to eat one slice, what about the rest? There may be a slice with more sultanas or with a crunchier base. Living from the realm of thought incurs limitations, yes new affirmations are great, not because they will get us what we think we want, because they allow us to see a new perspective and to open up to a new realisation of living. 

As we move up through the realms we advance, the material things that we may have wanted 3 years ago become unimportant compared to the knowing that we are one and that we are here to inspire others to know this truth. 

Living from the realm of the absolute we completely rise above the world of effect and we live from a knowing of complete faith and trust that the Divine is working in as and through everything and  in accordance to our intentions we can experience life beyond the limitations of the material. The thing is we each live in each these realms, experiencing them to differing degrees in relation to our awareness.  A complete shift from one to the next often means a total redesigning of our lives and a pushing through that part of our mind that wants to keep us small. 

Over the past 3 years I have moved home so many times, relentlessly packing my things and unpacking time after time. Each time discarding things, giving them to charity, moving them on. I have lived without owning any furniture for 3 years, and I am now living from 5 bags. You may laugh, cringe, feel sorry for me, feel great for me, the thing is I feel flipping amazing. I have everything that I need and I know that in the flick of my mind I can bring in what ever I need in the moment. Four weeks ago I materialised a brand new free double mattress. 

This purging of stuff is something that I have done many many times, and right now I feel devoted to living light, I want to live simply, as I know that from this place I am able to move freely and felxibly. I see this as moving realms, not hanging onto the physical, and certainly living with a more consistent realisation of the Divine within me. It takes time, consistency of spiritual practice, and devotion to wanting to change our lives from within, to begin to experience the effects of living from this Divine realm, and yes we are HUMAN, so this is an eternal job! 

In my work practice, as a way shower and spiritual technician, for mammas who know that there is more to life than the hum drum of the world of stuff, I see immense shifts for those who truly desire to live from the mystical and abolute realms, and the amazing thing is that most times, during this process of deeper knowing, they materialise all sorts of amazing demonstrations for their lives! 

We are each being called right now to live from truth and not be sucked into the world of conditions, to bring our life’s work to the planet, and to live from that higher place of Divine Wealth … are you ready to do that? 

Begin here …

Live in complete gratitude for everything, I mean everything. Giving thanks on the go for everything in your world, doing this alone will shift your experience.

Come away from the belief that all that you see is permanent and unchangeable. The unchangeable is within, this is where we want to work from.

Connect DAILY with your heart space in meditation and contemplate and journal the unseen knowing that beats your heart.

Pack up and let go of what no longer serves you, clothes, stuff, relationships, feelings, beliefs. Do the work on every level to lighten your life daily. See and feel the difference.

The process continues, this is is nature, our task is to become more aware and to decide predominantly which realm want to live from, consciously align with it and do it…….


With constant love 




I am here to teach you to STAND IN your POWER,  heal your money story, and live from Divine Wealth.

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