Instinct Is Magic & Following It Leads To Miracles

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I’ve said this before and it’s no harm at all repeating it  – especially at this Halloweeny time of year  – I believe we are spiritual beings who are here in this world having a human experience.  Being aware of that and staying connected to the wisdom of our inner guidance – our instinct or intuition, plays an enormous part in our wellbeing.  Or how well we feel about being us.

And even so,  how often we are surprised – shocked even -when we catch a glimpse of how that divine connection can miraculously affect our life on an everyday level.

On a Halloween Eve a number of years ago when my children were small and I needed to stock up on fun size everything to prepare to ‘help the Halloween party’,   I arrived at a large shopping mall in Dublin and deposited my daughters at the creche (do they still have those at shopping malls?).

Conscious of a carefree hour ahead of me, I signed my details into the book (no mobile phones in those days, back when dinosaurs roamed suburban Dublin)  and I checked the girls were happily playing.   Then I noticed another child who seemed in some distress.  Quickly it became apparent that the little boy was feeling sick and the creche manager, who was alone, was scanning the register for his mother’s name to call her on the public address system.   Mayhem ensued when the mum’s name couldn’t be found in the register and in his upset, the child was unable to tell us.

Somewhere in the midst of all this, a sense of absolute knowing washed over me and I turned to the manager and heard myself say “It’s ok, I’ll get his mother.”

I can still remember the feeling of suspending all doubt and almost watching myself leave the creche with absolute conviction I knew where the mother could be located.  I turned left into the body of the huge three-story shopping mall, took the escalator to the lower ground floor, and walked up to a woman paying for items at the cashier desk.  “Excuse me” I said to the lady.  “Is your little boy at the creche?”.  I described the child and what he was wearing and she confirmed that he was hers (God almighty when I think about it now.  It wouldn’t be allowed today!!)…….

The lady went to the creche and retrieved her sick child and halloween got a whole lot spookier to me that year.  The veil seemed indeed thin and I was open to guidance from above.

Following our instinct, trusting our intuitive leads and gut feelings are senses that are available to us all the time.  But do we trust them?  I had no choice that day when that sense of absolute knowing led me to the child’s mother.

Are we missing opportunities for everyday miracles in our lives by second guessing the ‘heads-up’ from heaven?

Each month this year Carol Dooley at Sunshine 106.8fm and I have been talking about how we navigate our way through the midlife markers of menopause, elder care, kids leaving home, retirement or career change, grieving the loss of loved ones or lost relationships and so much more.  We talk too about how to stay happy, sexy, wise and ageless in midlife and beyond and all of these episodes are available as Saturday Live podcasts on the Sunshine 106.8fm app.

And I’ve got wonderful news!

Last month I told you all about my upcoming Wells for Wellness ‘Living Magically’ weekend retreat at Wells House in Co. Wexford and the wonderful news is that we’re bringing the Sunshine with us!!  Carol Dooley, the most positive, warm hearted queen of Sunshine is joining me along with some other fabulous Wise & Ageless Goddesses on November 8th to 10th.   Join us too – It’s  a perfect way  to immerse yourself in the soulcraft of self nurture which is what November is all about.  If your instinct leads you there, read more here and contact Wells House to make your booking.  This is a very special weekend and one that promises to change the way you look at midlife forever.

And the November Bliss – 30 days of tenderness program begins again shortly.  In order to take part the only thing you need to do is dedicate each day of November to the appreciation of one aspect of your being.  It’s totally free and I guide you through the practices of self care for each day.  Prepare to sleep, breathe, bath, nourish, soothe, walk, meditate, create sacred space and sanctuary, be inspired, make room for romance, music and much, much more.  I’ll be sending out your first ‘prepping for bliss’ email shortly.  Create your own group of Bliss Sisters or go it soulfully and peacefully alone and please like and follow the NOVEMBER BLISS WITH TRINA KEANE Facebook page.

I’ll finish this month with a quote from Sarah Ban Breathnach from her book ‘Romancing the Ordinary’.

“Your sense of wellbeing is enhanced when you begin to honour your spiritual sense of intuition by following its lead with respect, reverence, resolve and enormous relief.  You’re not walking this earth alone unless you want to be.”

Wishing you fun, magic and mayhem this season of Halloween.  For more information on the origins of Halloween or the Celtic festival of Samhain check out my page here—uniquely-you.html.

Wishing you a sunny, mellow October.


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