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Tara you are regarded as being a Spiritual Midwife, A Soul Reader and now the founder of I Love You Me, can you start by giving us a bit of background into your Why? And how this all came about for you? 

Well, I realized when I was 29 that something which had been with me all of my life was really coming to the fore, connecting to energies, connecting to spirits, psychically and sort of seeing flashes of peoples lives inside and out and what was going on inside of them, being telepathic and saying what I could feel was in a persons heart and mind.

Although  I had been experiencing this a great deal as a child but it had never really been validated for me then.I felt that I really lived in a separate world with this and was just a bit quirky and no one really understood, it was really quite lonely but I was always a dreamer so I was actually happy in that world too. As I say when I was 29 this changed. I had given a reading to someone and I had the validation and confirmation which was ready to come foreward, this person confirmed that everything I was saying to them was true and it was a very detailed reading, for  the first time I really unleashed everything and trusted to say everything I could see and feel and connect with.

This changed everything.

I realized that by constant practicing, giving more readings, soul readings really, seeing their energy field, the emotional field, the physical field of a person…it is like a multi-dimensional tapestry and colours of all these energies all at once and being able to zoom in and out to what is needed to be picked up, memories and things that have happened to people.

What I realized was that their spirit and body were intact clearly because they were living and alive although some just hanging by a shoestring and it was as if most of their spirit was living outside of their body and had a lot of disconnection, mental problems, emotional problems, physical problems but purely because their emotional body was too full of trauma and could not contain the spirit.

I began clearing the way and using a technique that was coming through to me a bit at a time, channeled by Archangel Michael, I used this technique to clear peoples energy and all of the blocks inside of them, their traumas and wounds. I assisted their spirit to fully birth into their body so they became more whole, more complete and fully connected. Much like a birthing experience for the first time these people were experiencing a second birth, their true selves. So that was where the term Spiritual Midwife came in as I felt I was actually birthing souls and spirits.

Can you explain a little more about the I Love You Me method? 

This came through over a couple of years, I think it was around 2007, maybe even earlier as I had started doing readings around 2002, but from 2007 it was much more intense information that was coming through.

Archangel Michael was channeling to me although at the time I had no idea it was him, I had no idea it was an angel even, I saw him as a kind of robbed monk with a brown hood and the person was not revealed to me, the face was not revealed to me, I just felt that this was an intensely loving being and he was teaching me all kinds of things. Teaching me about the power of words, how to release, how to cut bonds, how to cut chains of karma, how to have consciousness upgrade, how we were conditioned and programmed from being in the womb, even from conception, and he taught me about blueprints and he taught me about a lot of things.

At the time I was just seeing all of this energy and just asking questions…. “What does this mean?”  and “How do I do that?” and “Now what?” and he was the one who was answering me, as well as tapping into previous experience with my own upbringing with Guru Maharaji and knowing what I did about meditation, birth, oneness, heart connection, truth, all of that stuff so it kind of all got blended together over a period of years and I began guiding people through this process. I knew that when they tapped into unconditional love it could clear any block but that they had to take love personally and they had to be the one that would love themselves personally on a very personal human level. It was like connecting that absolute love of the divine to their human self and loving their human self and bringing that back into divine accordance with unconditional love, like returning a broken guitar or something. Returning their human mind, their human nature and emotions, realigning them and reattuning them with unconditional love, this just seemed to undo everybody’s blocks. At one time I called it the Angelic Clearing Technique and now it has slowly evolved into the I Love You Me method, simply because I was spending a lot of time in Dubai and the people there would be saying “There is the I Love You Me Lady” so it had to be called this really.

Would this be suitable for anyone? What would your recommendations be if someone had been suffering depression or anxiety for example? Could this method help them?

Yes, this can absolutely be suitable for anyone, I was working with my kids with this from as young as six and seven. I would ask them for forgiveness if there had been an upset and they would say it back to me. Kids can absolutely do this too.

With regards to helping with depression and anxiety this method really helps, this is coming from a disconnection to their soul, to their spirit, from a feeling of meaning, of purpose, feeling seen, feeling heard, feeling loved, feeling like they have a place in the world. When they use these steps and step back into their heart and into their soul it is absolutely beautiful and I have seen many many many times people just crying with relief, and grief as they release a lot of their stuck emotions, and then I see them also crying with joy that they realise that they are safe and loved.

We seem to have come along way from hearing the term “Self Love” and seeing this as a negative, perhaps looking at this as selfish even.  How do you feel about this? Have you noticed a bigger surge in people seeking out answers to some deeper truths about themselves? 

Have we really? I think there are a few people who seem to be getting this, some people think that self-love would mean giving yourself a massage or going to the spa, some people think it means having a green juice or doing your yoga that day and I see self love as something far deeper. It is really giving ourselves the love that we have always longed for. It is about acknowledging ourselves in the way that we have always secretly and often very painfully sought to be acknowledged, it is about being able to forgive ourselves of all the shit we give ourselves, all the hard times, all that self flagellation and beating ourselves up, we are really mean to ourselves. If you listen to your inner dialogue and how you speak to yourself inside, you can ask – Is that really love? And how much pain do people suffer on a daily basis? And if you really love somebody do you just sit by and watch them be in pain every single day and ignore it? I would take self-love a lot, a lot deeper and question are we willing to allow ourselves to love ourselves enough?  to stop being in pain and treat ourselves the way we would treat our beloved or own child. Take it to a whole other level. I don’t know if people are really waking up to that yet, I think we are on the cutting edge of self realisation when we understand what self-love really means. A lot of people yes are still seeing it as very negative and selfish.

Have you noticed a bigger surge in people seeking out answers to some deeper truths about themselves? 

Gosh I really have. When I was a kid we were the only family who were vegetarians that I knew of, apart from the spiritual people in our community. My mum did yoga and trained as a homeopath, and in those days it was not really normal to do yoga, it was not normal to be a vegetarian, it wasn’t normal to meditate, we were freaks in our neighbourhood. In my school I was bullied for it constantly because I came from this freaky family where we didn’t have sofas, we had big floor cushions. So from those days, going back thirty-forty years this was not mainstream at all. None of this was mainstream and now you see it is mainstream,  so yes a massive surge, nowadays there are apps for meditation, many people are doing daily yoga and meditation, you are kind of weird if you are not meditating.

A huge wave of awakening is happening all over the planet where people have become so disillusioned with reality and the governments and hierarchies, so now they are looking for something with real meaning. People are really waking up to discover who they really are finally and what they are really doing here. People are yearning to come out of that long slumber of unconsciousness and definitely love is the doorway for this, love is the answer where we will find ourselves, where we will find the truth to everything.

You have been hosting webinars, workshops, written a book, ” I Love You Me” public speaking and delivering some pretty awesome retreats – Has it all been a bit of a whirlwind?

No not really, some of it has been a little frenetic but this has all been through a lot of hard work and is really coming through from my heart and soul  that will not allow me to stop, this took a long time to get  going as I did not want to come into the mainstream I was hiding, just not being ready really and scared, I had to work through my own fears of not being good enough so that I could deliver something that I have always known in my heart as truth.

When you are in alignment with your purpose, your purpose is way bigger than who you think you are and it is like it just wants to burst out of your heart, it wants to come through your whole body, like you are needing to birth something into the world that is bigger than anything else, bigger than you can imagine. So, a lot of letting go, a lot of hard work, a lot of making mistakes and figuring it out along the way. Correcting and understanding how to go about this in a really practical way. How to deliver a message of self-love to the world, so not really a whirlwind, it is definitely all planned.

It has been beautiful and I have found it works best when I sit in the calm of the storm, when I sit dead in the centre of what could be a whirlwind and I absolutely surrender and I trust spirit to be guiding. I trust the universe will unpack everything as it is meant to and that there is such a thing as divine timing and that everything is being delivered onpoint at the right time and that seems to be happening so far.

Someone said to me recently it is like the “Zeitgeist of our time is Self Love”

What is next for you in 2019? 

Currently I offer a training course for people to become self-love coaches and that is working with people on a one to one professional coaching basis, coaching them in self love, taking them through the process and I also teach people to do that for groups, big, small, corporations, children, whatever their speciality is, retreats, however, they want to work with a group of people and I train them how to do that.

Currently, I do this live but one of the big things I want to do this year is to bring this into online training so that anybody, anywhere in the world can get immediate access and become a self-love coach and spread this message everywhere.

I also have a mission to sell or give away at least one million of my books “I Love You Me” or to at least reach one million with this message.

Clearly, you are super passionate about healing, nurture and nourishing our wellbeing …what are your go-to delicious things that you really can not do without? How do you feel good?

Oh my god….guilty pleasure confession time ….raw chocolate. I got turned onto raw chocolate way back in 2005 and I started making superfood smoothies with all kinds of amazing powders and nutritional supplements that all go into my smoothie in the morning, and it is the most delicious thing on the planet and I put my raw chocolate powder in and that is my go-to thing. If I am not having that then my weekend treat is chocolate croissant and coffee.

In terms of healing and nurture, I have to connect with my source and constantly remind myself to receive that which I am being given by my creator, to breathe and be in gratitude and that I am absolutely blessed to live and to be in this world so gratitude is a massive thing.I almost feel poor if I am not in gratitude.

I also have to be in nature, I walk my dog twice a day, I love my doggy . I love to feel the fresh air and exercise. I also love my boys, and cuddles, I think spending time with people who genuinely love us for who we are is really important, this is also an act of self-love.

It is International Self-Love day and Tara would love to share with you her gift of her ebook “I Love You Me.





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